"The Gospel According to Disgust" E@ster Term Residency

E@STER TERM at The Cathedral Church of the Nativity

The Rev. Matthew Moretz, the creator of Fr. Matthew Presents: www.frmatthewpresents.com, will present "The Gospel According to Disgust"

The latest frontier in psychology is the study of disgust.  Different than fear, disgust is the aversion to certain icky things that abound in our world. Thanks to being married to a psychologist, Fr Matthew has discovered that our new scientific knowledge of disgust has a powerful resonance with the wisdom of the Christian faith.  In fact, some of our discoveries have been prefigured by Holy Scripture and church practices!  Fr Matthew will introduce you to the study and treatment of disgust, and provide a fresh, if somewhat disgusting, look at our entire Christian tradition.

E-Residency course is held Wednesdays from April 14 to May 12 at

7:00 PM in Sayre Hall Dining Room.

posted by Kat Lehman

Climate Change in Pennsylvania: Impacts and Solutions

[From the PA Council of Churches] The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS)* has issued an invitation to participate in a webinar briefing on the key findings of a new report, Climate Change in Pennsylvania: Impacts and Solutions for the Keystone State, which provides the most in-depth look at the potential consequences of climate change in the state to date. The webinar will be held on Monday, December 8, from 11:00 to 12:00.

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