Van Cavett, 77, a man who was without guile

[Updated Jan. 2, 2011, to include Van Cavett's 1997 Morning Call farewell editorial]

Some of us will remember fondly Caroline and Van Cavett who were members of the Cathedral during the 1990s while Van worked as Comment Pages Editor for The Morning Call. Both were active in parish and diocesan ministries. Van died this past April. He was in his third year of EFM.

Caroline tells me that Van died "after a long bout with heart disease. His last six months were pretty awful - for him to endure and me to watch/endure as well, so while I miss him greatly, particularly when I remember all the good years we had, I could not wish him another minute in the state he was in.  Of course, the flip side of that is that remembering all the good things - and there are legions of those memories - also keeps a smile on my face."

Grateful to Caroline for having sent these a few days ago, I have posted below: 1. Van's obituary, 2.Summer Thoughts after a Spring Death, by Caroline, and 3. A eulogy delivered by Van's EFM mentor.

Van A. Cavett, 77, died at his Lookout Mountain [Tennessee] home on Sunday, April 11.  He is survived by his wife, Caroline, daughter, Anne Cavett and her partner Leslie Urban of Davidson NC, and son, Andrew Cavett of Lookout Mountain.

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