Trinity Easton receives $25,000 UTO grant

For Ark Soup Kitchen ministry

Trinity Easton receives $25,000 UTO grant

Trinity Episcopal Church in Easton was awarded a grant by the United Thank Offering of the Episcopal Church for kitchen equipment to support the parish’s weekly Ark Soup Kitchen and other ministries housed there.

The $25,000 award was announced in a letter to the Rt. Rev. Paul V. Marshall, Bishop of Bethlehem, on May 19, 2010 is to be used between June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011.

"I am happy to see Trinity's ministry recognized at the national level.” Bishop Paul said. “The grant is both a material support to the parish, and also an enormous encouragement to all who labor to make our churches effective witnesses of God's love."

The United Thank Offering is known to many Episcopalians through the famous “blue-boxes” into which people put in loose change as offering for anything about which we are thankful. Trinity, Easton has supported the work of the United Thank Offering since its inception and the UTO is now one of Trinity’s “Mission of the Month” offerings.

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New Diocesan UTO Coordinator

Cathy Bailey has accepted the position of Diocesan UTO Coordinator. A member of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Cathy was a diocesan deputy at the recent General Convention. Her introductory letter as UTO Coordinator and her GC reflection, The Top Mission Priority of our Church, from page A7 of the July/August edition of Diocesan Life, are accessible at the links below.

Download uto_coordinatorr.pdf

Download 060706-7a.pdf