Defeating our Enemies

Our Need for Lent
Archdeacon Howard Stringfellow
15 February 2012

The Lord’s words to Cain never quite become silent.  They never leave, and they remind me, as they linger, of the need we have of using every means possible to prefer the good and to leave the evil alone: “If you do well, will you not be accepted?  And if you do not do well, sin is lurking at the door; its desire is for you, but you must master it” (Genesis 4:7).

The choice is ours, of course, whether we do well or do not do well, or whether we master sin or permit sin to master us.  The desire to defeat our enemies as much as anything I know points to our need for Lent—our need to repent and to return to the Lord.

Defeating our enemies clearly belongs to the category of not doing well and letting sin become our master.  As long as we’re clear on that, some room may remain to have a little fun.

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We Don’t Help People –– We Help Them Help Themselves

The Theory and Practice of Ministry
We Don’t Help People –– We Help Them Help Themselves
By Howard Stringfellow, Archdeacon, Diocese of Bethlehem
16 December 2009

Some weeks ago the Daughters of the King invited me to become their Chaplain. This development was not anticipated, but I agreed to accept their truly sincere invitation. Then my internal debate began. I am comfortable opening the door to it.

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Kairos School of Spiritual Formation

Kairos, which meets at The Jesuit Spiritual Center in Wernersville, has developed a second program in Spiritual Direction Training for clergy and spiritual directors called Spiritual Direction Training II. Beginning in September, this class will convene on Wednesday evening and run to Friday noon once a month. It will happen prior to the regular Kairos weekends as printed in the program brochure. Invitation letters for clergy and spiritual directors may be downloaded below. More info by email.

Download letter_to_pastors.doc
Download letter_to_spiritual_directors.doc