Pet food collection at Redeemer Sayre (UPDATED 21 September)

RedeemerSayre AnimalFood Collection2
[From JoAnn Lumley, Outreach Coordinator] The Church of the Redeemer with Boy Scout Troop 4019 started to collect supplies for the Bradford County ASPCA in Ulster on Wednesday. If you will pardon the pun, they are flooded with displaced pets and are in need of cat litter, kitten chow, canned and dried cat food, canned and dried dog food and cleaning supplies. The attached photo was taken yesterday [Wednesday, Sept. 14]. Today we sent out pet food with the Athens FD for distribution for pets still at home. We will also be able to share with additional shelters. The response has been incredible and we are meeting many neighbors.The drive continues tomorrow (Friday) from 8AM to 5PM and Saturday from 8AM to Noon.

Here's the scoop of what was collected:

In three and a half days and with a minimum of effort we collected: 501.21 lbs of dry cat food, 44.5 lbs of kitten food, 48 pouches and 259 cans of moist cat food (for the senior felines) and 407 pounds of cat litter.  For our canine friends we received 650.5 lbs of the requested Pedigree dry food,  590.5 pounds of other brand dog food,  243 cans of Pedigree moist food, 40 lbs of dog treats, 15 gallons of bleach, bags of bedding and monetary donations of $434.02.  Thank you to all who helped to make this such a amazing success.

RedeemerSayre AnimalFood Collection3At noon on Saturday Mother Andrea Baldyga and Scout leader John Johnson and the Boy Scouts from troop number 4019 helped to truck the bulk of the food to the Bradford County ASPCA and to Stray Haven Humane Society. The smaller bags of food were taken to the Athens Fire Department to be shared with local friends and family sheltering displaced pets.

Diocesan Life for October 2011

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