Celebration of New Ministry at Redeemer Sayre

The Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe
Bishop of the Diocese of Bethlehem
and the people of Church of the Redeemer (Episcopal)
invite your prayers and presence at

The celebration of a new ministry
they share with The Rev. Glenn Mahaffey
 as Rector of Church of the Redeemer

Sunday, August 24th at 4pm

201 S. Wilbur Ave.
Sayre, PA

Reception to follow    Clergy: White Stoles

Visiting Clergy please email rsvp to
[email protected]

Diocesan Life for June 2011

If you would like the issue in a .pdf, you can download it here. It's 2MB:

Function over Feelings

Sermon by Bishop Paul Marshall
Institution of The Rev. Scott Allen
St. Andrew's Allentown/Bethlehem
May 20, 2010

After 30-something years of attending or leading services just like this one, I have concluded that the preacher at such events is very much like the corpse at an old-fashioned wake. You need him to have the party, but nobody expects him to say much.

I think that is true because the service of new ministry is a part of a honeymoon, where the level of infatuation and delight is usually pretty high. Anyone who’s tried to give serious advice to couples who are still batting their eyes at each other knows it’s a waste of time.

But tonight seems different, and I believe that the lessons carry a word from the Lord that can be heard. I believe that because the journey St. Andrew’s has been on for the last fifteen years has intensified your spirituality, challenged you personally and corporately, and left you with very few illusions—a gift very few people are given.

The most common illusion in churches is a belief that all of our difficulties are somebody else’s fault, and if only we could find the right somebody, our church would return to its golden age and we would all get along…again.

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Whitehall celebrates New Ministry

Whitehallnewministry9a Bishop Paul installed the Reverend Frank S. St. Amour, III, SSC, as rector at St. Stephen’s Whitehall on November 1. Father St. Amour had been rector of St. Stephen’s Church in Hurst, TX, a suburb of Fort Worth, for the past 6 ½ years. He served also as associate rector of All Saints', Lakeland, Florida; rector of Christ Church, Joliet, Illinois; and as rector of St. John the Baptist, Dunkirk, with St. Alban's, Silver Creek, New York. He was born in Philadelphia in 1958, lived in the D.C. area for some time and attended St. John’s College, Annapolis. After receiving his theological degree at St. Michael’s College, Llandaff, Wales, he was ordained in the Church in Wales. While serving his curacy, he met his wife Susan. They married in 1985 and came to the U.S. later that year. Sue has a law degree from the University of Wales and has worked extensively in banking, most recently as the IRA Specialist at EECU, a community-based credit union in Fort Worth. Father Frank, Susan and their two cats live in Catasauqua.