Gregory Malia

[Updated Sept 21, 2010]

On December 28, 2008, the New York Daily News broke a story featuring Gregory Malia. The headline: Episcopal priest makes a name for himself in New York City nightclubs. Later that day, Bishop Paul Marshall released the statement below. He then replied to reporters' questions prompted by the statement. Farther below is a list, with links, of the developing story as it has played out in the media.

Bishop Paul Marshall's statement, Sunday, Dec. 28, 2008:
I read the Daily News article with deep distress and know its contents will trouble many parishioners. The allegations made in the article, if true, constitute a serious violation of ordination vows to be "a wholesome example" to a priest's people. If true, they may also violate other canonical provisions and certainly portray an unacceptable idea of Christian stewardship.

The Episcopal Church provides due process when such issues arise, however, and no summary judgment can be made by me unilaterally. During the time that the Standing Committee is investigating Fr. Malia's activities, I am removing him from his appointment as my vicar at St. James in Dundaff, and will be inhibiting him from the exercise of priestly ministry. The conservative group he has gathered around himself will be traumatized, and I will ask two priests in the locale to minister to them.

I can assure the diocese that neither the Daily News reporters nor our internal figures suggest that any church funds were misappropriated –– St. James is a summer chapel open approximately ten Sundays a year, and has no significant financial resources.

Daily News reporters did not contact me or my communications representative prior to publishing this article, and have not done so since then, although my home and office telephones are not unlisted.

Bishop Paul V. Marshall
Diocese of Bethlehem

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