Linking at Lambeth

By Bishop Paul V. Marshall
July 2008

[This is Bishop Paul Marshall's July 2008 column for secular newspapers, usually 600 word of less and different from his column in Diocesan Life. The column is sent to newspapers throughout our 14 counties. It is published by The Morning Call, Allentown, on the first Saturday of every month. It usually appears also in eight or nine additional papers at some point during the month. The combined circulation of papers that publish the column regularly is more than 400,000. More than 130 columns have been published over the past 12 years. If your newspaper does not publish the column and you might consider speaking with the editor about that, please email Bill Lewellis.]

Women and men along a large chain of human connection are about to link at Lambeth. I invite readers accustomed to praying to keep us in mind.

Seldom do I use this space for purely denominational issues. When I do, it is usually to make a larger point. Next to the United Nations and the Roman Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion is the world’s third largest linkage of human persons, cultures and geography.

While the American branch of the Communion is the relatively tiny Episcopal Church, Anglicanism is the major expression of Christianity in much of Africa.

That being so, the Lambeth Conference, the every-ten-year gathering of the bishops of the Communion in Canterbury, England, July 16 to August 3, is perhaps worth a word of explanation.

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