'Going Green' at Grace Honesdale

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Grace Church in Honesdale

ConserveMembers of Grace Church “Green Team” stand by the potted flowers on their Altar.


When you think of “going green” does the word “expensive” pop into your mind? One Wayne County church is demonstrating that saving energy and helping the planet doesn’t have to take a wad out of your wallet.  Grace Episcopal Church, located on 827 Church Street in Honesdale is participating in the pilot program, Wayne Businesses Conserve!, sharing steps they’ve taken to conserve energy, decrease their environmental footprint and save money.

Grace Episcopal Church practices all the basics of energy conservation, and in several cases they take their application of these practices a step further. For example, Grace Church proudly displays potted flowers on its Altar instead of freshly cut flowers. This might not sounds like a big deal, but think of the energy required to plant, grow, cut, transport and keep alive those freshly cut flowers only to have them wilt in a few days. It becomes easier to understand why potted flowers make so much sense. For a fraction of the energy (and cost!), potted flowers offer long lasting beauty, plus the added benefit of air purification.

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