Creating a Culture of Peace    
nonviolence training for personal and social change

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CCP Nonviolence Training
August 16-19, 2007
Strengthen your spirit for peacemaking! Come along with others from your community and make a difference when you return home! This is an interactive, experiental retreat that helps you plan concrete peacemaking projects.  You will explore the nature of violence and nonviolence, how social change occurs, and how to build communities of trust to take action.   Learn about the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence in your own life. Harvest wisdom from your experiences and as well as from the lives of ordinary people and famous nonviolence leaders like Nobel Peace Laureates. Take time for reflection, and depart with a renewed sense of peace that will allow you to cultivate change in our world.
(NOTE: This is a prerequisite for CCP Training for Trainers, November 7-11, 2007, at Kirkridge. See description below.) 
Led by Janet Chisholm, CCP originator and Kirkridge Coordinator for Justice, Peace, & Training. (See biography below).
  • Partial scholarships are available. 
  • Sponsorships by congregations are encouraged.
  • CEU's from Drew University, $35. 
  • 6:30 Thursday dinner to Sunday lunch.
  • Program $135; Room/Board $260


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CCP  Training for Trainers
November 7-11, 2007

Learn how to offer this spiritually-grounded program. Increase your facilitation skills and your ability to use interactive and mutual learning techniques that call upon the experience, knowledge and wisdom of every participant. Learn the skills for building communities of trust to take action. Practice presentations and receive constructive feedback. Become a skilled facilitator in CCP, a nationally successful, interfaith, active nonviolence training program.  If you are committed to nonviolence, enjoy small group facilitation, can offer CCP to others in your area, and want to create a more just and peaceful world, this training is for you.

Led by Janet Chisholm, CCP originator and Kirkridge Coordinator for Justice, Peace, & Training. (See biography below).

  • Prerequisite: CCP Basic Training.    
  • Partial scholarships are available. 
  • Sponsorships by congregations encouraged.
  • CEU's from Drew University, $35.
  • 6:30 Wed. dinner to Sunday lunch.  
  • Program $145; Room/Board $300. ( CCP Trainer's Manual included)

Janet Chisholm

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    Janet Chisholm grew up in a small town of 18,000 --- Las Vegas, Nevada.  She watched above ground nuclear bomb tests at close range at the nearby nuclear test site. In high school she committed to learn all she could from local atomic scientists and from physics, chemistry and math classes; she entered Pomona College as a chemistry major hoping to design rockets and bombs to help the country compete with the Soviets. She took religion courses, joined civil rights groups, volunteered in the inner city, and lived nine months in Germany studying theology, the confessing church and lay academies. She graduated with a degree in Religion. 

    Today Janet is a nationally-recognized leader in peacemaking. As a community organizer, engaging trainer, speaker, meditation leader, and popular writer on active nonviolence, she is known for her ability to empower others for personal and social change. Her articles have been published in denominational and peace journals, and the exercises she designed have been adopted for other peace curricula. Her greatest passion is peacemaker training where others recognize their own power to create a world of justice and peace. She is committed to a popular education, highly participatory learning approach that is spiritually-grounded and points to a sustaining personal practice of ongoing action and reflection.

    Janet worked in poor urban areas for many years, establishing and operating child care programs and subsidies, shelters and transitional housing, job placement, counseling and other services, as well as addressing child abuse, elder abuse, domestic violence, racism, addiction and other violence. She has been employed in a variety of positions: director of religious education, director of anti-poverty child care systems, university lab school master teacher and professor for student teachers, designer of a career ladder for para-professionals and a State of Connecticut manager for social services. 

    As a volunteer, Janet has provided leadership for many years in the very active Episcopal Peace Fellowship, recently completing a term as its national chairperson. For 40 years she has been active in the leadership of peace groups locally and nationally. She is currently a board member of the Nevada Desert Experience, the 26 year faith witness at the Nevada nuclear test site.

    Janet established a spiritually-grounded, intergenerational, community-based program called Creating a Culture of Peace (CCP). In four years, CCP traveled to 36 states and Palestine and prepared over 330 Trainers.  Janet began the program at the Fellowship of Reconciliation, where she also served two years as the Executive.  CCP is now based with Janet at KIRKRIDGE Study and Retreat Center in Bangor, Pennsylvania, and has been adopted by other organizations: the Episcopal Peace Fellowship, the Methodist Federation for Social Action, Veterans for Peace, the Texas Conference of Churches and the Baltimore Presbytery.  As KIRKRIDGE Coordinator for Justice, Peace and Training, Janet also arranges weekend peace programs, training, gatherings of peacemakers, public witness events and pilgrimages.  She helped plan the recent ecumenical Christian Peace Witness for Iraq in Washington, D.C. on March 16, 2007.

    Janet holds a Master's degree in Human Development and Family Relations. Her daughter is a human rights attorney and the mother of Janet's new grandson, baby Max.

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