Cathedral's Banners

Two banners hang outside the Cathedral , on the building. The designers hope these invite passers-by to check out the church. Having images of people lets others know that it is a community of relationship and reflects the diversity of the community, that this is a place they may feel welcomed. The main banner, the first one linked below, is 10' long and 4' tall. The smaller banner is attached to the main banner and will rotate by event and season.

Download ccn_banner_large_main.pdf

Download ccn_banner_large_ad_on.pdf

Cathedral's Easter Postcard

Since last fall, the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, has been engaged in the creation of some excellent advertising and evangelism components for its continuing Come and Grow campaign via cable TV and direct mail. A beautiful recent piece is the oversize Easter postcard you may see at the link below. Those seeking more information regarding the creation of the various components of the campaign or how the direct mail piece was organized may email

Download cathedral.Easter Postcard 06.pdf

Piecemeal to Peacemeal

Eucharist_table Peacemeal, an Episcopal community emerging in the Scranton area, may have begun last September, Scott Bader-Saye reflects, "but that would exclude all the time spent preparing the ground... Scott says he was led "to imagine a church community that experimented with new patterns of worship, leadership and mission while responding at the same time to the end of Christendom, the rise of postmodern culture and the tendency of American churches to function as chaplains to the dominant social order."

He met with Bishop Paul Marshall and a few priests last summer to brainstorm about renewal and evangelism in the Diocese of Bethlehem. "The bold idea of trying to start a new community came from the bishop himself," Scott says. "I was happy to run with it."

Download piecemeal_to_peacemeal.pdf