Diocesan Life.May

Download the May issue of Diocesan Life below: Imagine yourself in the Episcopal Church, the TV ad campaign of the Episcopal Church of Northeast PA (Bill Lewellis, Page 1), Accident? (Bishop Paul, Page 2), My position on the Northern Michigan Episcopate (Bishop Paul, Page 2), Choosing to go unheard (Canon Andrew Gerns, Page 3), Work continues in Kajo Keji (Charlie Barebo, Page 4), Northern Tier parishes feed 700 at Easter (Charles Cesaretti, Page 5), Your Faith, Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church (New book, Jenifer Gamber with Bill Lewellis, Page 5), Why Christ matters (Anne Kitch, Page 6), EfM: Food for thought  (Page 6), Calendar/Prayer Cycle Page 7), National ECW awards $4,900 to Kajo Keji Training Center (Page 7), TrinityBeth makes silly, furry, funky, soft caps for cancer patients (Page 8).

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With our brothers and sisters in Kajo Keji

By Trip Trepagnier

The Rev. Daniel Gunn, rector of St. Stephens Pro Cathedral, Wilkes-Barre, and Trip Trepagnier, chair of the World Mission Committee of the Diocese of Bethlehem, had the privilege of traveling in Kajo Keji during the last week of February.

The companion relationship between the dioceses of Bethlehem in Pennsylvania and Kajo Keji in southern Sudan is flourishing. In addition to funding the construction of schools and a college, the dioceses are participating at a more personal level.

Youth members of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity’s church school made greeting cards and a quilt for delivery to their companion parish in Romogi; they, in turn, received messages from the children of Romogi primary school.

Palm crosses brought from Bethlehem were burned together with those from Kajo Keji and used at an Ash Wednesday service led by Father Daniel Gunn and the Rev. Samuel Pianile Alibe.

Christmas gifts purchased by Diocese of Bethlehem parishioners were distributed to an orphanage, the Mothers’ Union Training Center, primary schools and archdeaconries throughout the Diocese of Kajo Keji.

Prayers are offered weekly for members of the two dioceses.

Although we live many thousands of miles apart, the people of Kajo Keji and Bethlehem are one body in Christ.

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The Paschal Mystery –– In the dying is the rising

By Patrick Malloy

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The Triduum we will celebrate in 2009 –– the three-day feast often called “the Paschal Mystery” that celebrates the passing of Jesus from life to death to glory and our share in the pattern of his life –– will not be like the Triduum we celebrated in 2008.

It was only one year ago, but the world was different then, so the three-day feast was different, too, than the one we celebrate this year.

It will not be the same, because we are not the same. The story most people tell about their lives and their world this year is not what we told just one year ago. Yet, the wonder of how God-in-Christ passed from eternity into time, and from life into death, and from death into glory, has not changed. We have changed, our world has changed, but God remains.

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Diocesan Life.April

Download the April issue of Diocesan Life below: With our brothers and sisters in Kajo Keji (Pages 1, 4, 5); Grace Allentown and the neighborhood fire (Page 1); The Spin Cycle (Page 1); The Paschal Triduum, In the dying is the rising, by Patrick Malloy (Page 2); Beating the Boundaries, Mission in the 21st Century (Page 3); ShareTheBread: Our new evangelism blog (Page 3); Christophany goes green (Page 3); My new understanding of ashes to ashes, by Daniel Gunn (Page 5); The Neighbor at Home, by Anne Kitch (Page 6); Northern Tier churches will prepare Easter dinne for 700 families (Page 6); Maria Tjeltveit will lead presentation at ECW annual meeting (Page 6); Calendar and Cycles of Prayer (Page 7); Scott Bader-Saye accepts professorship at Seminary of the Southwest (Page 7); Writing Icons, from New Hope to Bangor, by David Howell (Page 8).

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Diocesan Life.February

The February 2009 issue of Diocesan Life is available below:
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Page 1: (1) Feeling the financial crunch at the Trinity Bethlehem Soup Kitchen, (2) Welcome to the realities of the recession, by Bob House of Grace Allentown, on the Grace Food Bank

Page 2: Challenges and changes not seen for generations, by Canon Cal Adams

Page 3: (1) Diocesan Training Day, (2) Christophany Goes Green, (3) Senior High Mission Trip

Page 4: Michael Deebee, 82, of Kajo Keji: I can now die joyfully, knowing my people have been delivered, by Charlie Barebo

Page 5: (1) Good Shepherd Scranton helps homeless and poor, (2) Nearly $100,000 for the Needy of Northeastern PA

Page 6: (1) Feasting in Lent, by Anne Kitch, (2) CCP training energized clergy and laity, by Addison Bross

Page 7: Calendar and Cycle of Prayer

Page 8: (1) Grace Allentown nave gets major makeover, (2) Northern Tier Parishes host Coats for Community

Diocesan Life.December

The December issue of Diocesan Life is available for download below.

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Page 1: (1) Sunday vespers in Montrose attracts people from many traditions (2) Empty Bowl Projec at St. Paul's Montrose benefits county food banks

Page 2: (3) Bishop Paul.Fear and the Future (2) Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation

Page 3: Twelve Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji

Page 4: In Jim Thorpe.Volunteers at St. Mark's/St. John's 'outreach' to their community

Page 5: Progress in Kajo Keji.Charlie Barebo's column on our New Hope Campaign

Page 6: (1) Canon Anne Kitch's "In-Formation in Bethlehem" column (2) Advent and Christmas resources for all ages (3) Bishop's Day with Youth.Nightwatch in NYC (4) Senior-high mission trip, July 25-Aug. 1

Page 7: Calendar and Prayer cycles

Page 8: Christmas greetings from Bishop Paul, Bishop Jack and Diocesan Staff


Diocesan Life.November

The November issue of Diocesan Life is available for download below. The paper will not begin to arrive in snail mail boxes until the end of October.

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Page 1: Color photos from Diocesan Convention.

Page 2-3: Bishop Paul's address to Diocesan Convention. (Continued on page 6)

Page 4-5: Story by Bill Lewellis on Diocesan Convention.

Page 6: Canon Anne Kitch's "In-Formation in Bethlehem" column.

Page 7: Calendar and Cycles of Prayer

Page 8: Twelve Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji

Diocesan Life.October

The October issue of Diocesan Life is available for download below. Be careful if you have slow Internet access. There's a "small" (4.8 MB) and a "large" (5.7 MB). Click on either one to download it. The paper will begin to arrive in snailmail boxes toward the end of September.

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Page 1: Who shall I say sent me? A color poster that will be customized for each parish and given to a parish representative at Diocesan Convention, October 10-11 at Christ Church Reading.

Page 2: (1) Bishop Paul's column, Work while elephants fight, (2) Joint Pastoral Letter of +Paul of Bethlehem and +Anthony of Kajo Keji.

Page 3: (1) Canon Anne Kitch's "In-Formation in Bethlehem" column, Children are not the future, (2) Whitehall welcomes new rector, (3) The Rev. Canon A. Malcolm MacMillan, 1921-2008.

Page 4: (1) Lehigh Valley's Pride-in-the-Park, (2) Pridefest in Wilkes-Barre, (3) Women of Nativity will host 7th annual retreat.

Page 5: (1) Bishop Paul ordained Dolores Evans and Hillary Raining, (2) ECW's Sock it to 'em and a photo from the annual summer picnic.

Page 6: (1) Happening #18, (2) Creating a Culture of Peace, (3) While our work is not yet complete, we celebrate our New Hope success.

Page 7: Calendar and Cycles of Prayer

Page 8: (1) The Bishops' Chaplains, (2) Murder in a Church Backyard.

Diocesan Life.September

The 12-page September issue of Diocesan LIfe may be downloaded as a small or large pdf file below.

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It includes (1) Free from the prison of envy, a column by Bishop Paul, (2) Anne Kitch joins Diocesan Staff, (3) Northern Tier parishes join to aid Susquehanna County food banks. (4) Trinity Carbondale gears up for 175 years, (5) St. Paul's Montrose hosted Music Camp, and received parade award for float that bes represented service to others, (6) Founding director of Grace Montessori retires after 16 years, (7) EYE on the future, (8) Bears for New Bethany, (9) Teens on mission trip go green with God, (10) The presence and ministry of Eric Snyder, (11) Money Isn't/Is Everything, a workshop on stewardship and planned giving, (12) Church finances endowments and stewardship, a column by Standing Committee president Bob Wilkins, (13) Calendar and Cycles of Prayer, (14) Historic Stroudsburg church takes on major renovation and expansion, (15) New Hope Sunday, September 21.

Diocesan Life.June 2008

Stories and features include: Youth at Chistophany retreat work to feed 50,000. Kajo Keji and Bethlehem: A goal surpassed. Inviting preliminary proposals on helping the needy among us. Lucky Thirteen (Bishop Paul's column). We all paid for Polly (Andy Gerns). A cup of coffee and donut (Charlie Barebo). Empowered and Ready (Beatrice Ferreira). We cannot give what we do not have (Jenifer Gamber). Public television segment features Grace Allentown. Creating a Culture of Peace (Diocesan Peace Commission). Bishop's School Fall Semester. Newspaper pulpit. Calendar. Cycles of Prayer for June/July/August. Emerging communication, emerging church (Kat Lehman). National awards for Diocesan Life.

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Diocesan Life/May 2008

Stories and features include: Bishop Jack Croneberger's sermon delivered at the Chrism Mass. Picking up pieces of war, by Marius Bressoud. Bishop Paul's column: Does 'the Diocese' know or care who we are? Mark Laubach named Canon Precentor. Feeding the 600 in Montrose. Maria Tjeltveit named diocesan Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer. Education for Ministry offerings. Books by Bishop Paul. Calendar and cycles of prayer. Dwelling in the word, reflections on Pentecost by Jenifer Gamber and on Trinity Sunday by Bill Lewellis.

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Diocesan Life/April 2008

Stories and features include: Living Water: Gushing in Bethlehem, Flowing in Kajo Keji, by Howard Stringfellow, on pages 1 and 4. The Children of Kajo Keji, by Charlie Barebo, on pages 1 and 5. Bishop Paul's column, Are you emotionally present to your spouse? on page 2. Father Henry Pease, on page 3. The spirituality and practice of peacemaking, on page 6. Trinity Store in Easton, on page 6. Letters from children of Kajo Keji, on page 6. Calendar and cycles of prayer, on page 7. Dwelling in the word, reflections on the gospel passage for the third to sixth Sundays of Easter, by Maria Tjeltveit, Charles Cesarett, and Laura Howell.

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Diocesan Life/March 2008

Stories and features include: Bishop's Day with Youth in NYC. Bishop Paul's column on visit with youth to St John the Divine Cathedral for Nightwatch program. Reflections by youth. What is Stella's future and what will become of baby Laura in Kajo Keji? Father Gerns named Canon Pastor to the Bishop. Three new deacons. Debra Kissinger accepts position with Diocese of Indianapolis.New Hope column by Charlie Barebo. ASapp's Fales. A Spiritual Journey in Recovery from Alcohol. Calendar. Cycles of Prayer. Triduum, by Father Pat Malloy.

Download the March issue of Diocesan Life below.

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Diocesan Life.February 2008

Download 080201-8.pdf

Highlights include ...
Dsc04086_2_2 Dsc01982a

Cover: (1) Missioners visit with Kajo Keji families (2) Cathedral youth visit Grace Allentown
Page 2: Bishop Paul's sermon at the institution of Mother Laura Howell as rector of Trinity, Bethlehem.
Page 3: Good news from New Hope and a letter from Bishop Anthony
Page 4: Youth events, including Christophany, EYE 2008, the JrHigh Mission Trip and the youth campaign to raise $7,000 for the sisters and brothers in Kajo Keji.
Page 5: Arts on the Mountain, Trinity Mt. Pocono ... and continuation of stories from Page 1
Page 6: (1) Father Patrick Malloy's new book, (2) Diocesan Training for Ministry Conference, (3) Might you be an evangelism consultant?
Page 7: Diocesan Calendar, Cycles of Prayer
Back Cover: Dwelling in the word: reflections on the Ash Wednesday and the first three Sundays of Lent by Laura Drum, Jenifer Gamber,Bertrand Delanney and Barbara Caum.