Diocesan Life March/April 2012

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Diocesan Life for February 2012

Well, we have a new printer and with a new printer means a little bit of change. As you might remember, we are no longer a diocesan wrap around Episcopal Journal but are our own publication. We are in the process of getting a non-profit mailing permit so bear with us as these first few months might be a bit rocky while we get used to new procedures and new printing requirements. The look is essentially the same but you will notice that the mailing label has moved and we are not reporting national level news. Starting with March's issue, Bill Lewellis will be adding some highlights for you to explore much like he does currently on our newSpin eNewsletter. We welcome any comments, problems, or issues as well as we transition to a new way of doing things while still providing a print resource. If you do have questions, please email me: [email protected]


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Diocesan Life for November 2011

Open publication - Free publishing - More bluegrass

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Diocesan Life for October 2011

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Diocesan Life for June 2011

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Diocesan Life for May 2011

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Diocesan Life February 2011

Hello everyone! Here is the latest edition of Diocesan Life. We are now wrapping around a new, independent paper called the Episcopal Journal. Of course, our online version doesn't include that news, but you should receive it in your mailboxes this week. As always, if you have stories, photos, news, please pass them along to Kat Lehman. The file is in .pdf formate and is 2.3 MB in size.

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Diocesan Life for November 2010

Attached is the latest Diocesan Life for November, 2010. Remember, we love to get stories and pictures! If you have something you want featured, please contact Kat Lehman to discuss publication. Diocesan Life deadlines are posted on the calendar as well so you know when to get the stories in. For December's issue, we need the stories by November 2nd. The attached file is 2.7 MB in .pdf format.

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Diocesan Life October 2010 issue

Attached you will find the latest Diocesan Life for October, 2010. Highlights include Trinity, Easton's new addition; From Risk to Opportunities: Congregational renewal in the Diocese of Bethlehem which will be discussed at length during convention this year; Consumers or shareholders?; The Martyrs of New Guinea; Youth Council; E.C.W's tea party; information on "Creating a Culture of Peace" training; Happening #19 and more. The file is in .pdf format and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or better to read it. The file size is 2.7 MBs.

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Diocesan Life September 2010 issue

posted by Kat Lehman

Here is the latest Diocesan Life hot (oops, not quite, it actually gets run on Wednesday) off the press...er, computer. If you have an interesting article, or photo, please send it along. We welcome any material (I can't promise it will be published, but we are grateful to all contributors.) The file size is 3MB and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher.

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CORRECTED Diocesan Life July and August issue 2010

Attached you will find the CORRECTED July and August issue of Diocesan Life. Don't forget the SEPTEMBER deadline is August 3rd. Summer has a way of slipping by rapidly! Also, if you have any events or ministries you would like highlighted, we would be more than happy to include articles and pictures. Please contact kat lehman at [email protected] for submission tips for photography preferably BEFORE you take photos of events. Thanks in advance! The following file is 3.1MB in size.

My apologies to St. Andrew's, Allentown and their new Rector, the Rev. T. Scott Allen who was originally listed as being installed at St. Stephen's, Allentown.

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June Diocesan Life

posted by Kat Lehman

Hot off the press (actually it REALLY goes to the presses on Thursday). Here is the latest edition of Diocesan Life. The file size is 5.2 MB. Have an event that is newsworthy? Send us photos and a story and we will consider it! Event highlights include the Share Save Spend event on June 12th, the Communication Workshop on June 26th, The Gospel According to Dr. Seuss Bishop's Day with Kids on July 10th and the Junior High Mission Trip starting August 5th. You can find out details on page 8.

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Diocesan Life April 2010

posted by Kat Lehman

Here's the latest Diocesan Life issue for April 2010. If you have any questions or if you have stories you would like published, please contact me here. I want to thank Bill Lewellis who stepped down this month as co-editor but who has graciously agreed to assist me with some editing at least for the immediate future. As always, if you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please let me know.

Here's the .pdf link for the file (2.7 MB download):

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Sudan Bishop's visit to the Diocese of Bethlehem

Visit to the Diocese of Bethlehem by Bishop Anthony Poggo of the Diocese of Kajo Keji

[From Bishop Paul Marshall, posted last Monday afternoon, March 8, on Bakery] I hope you saw the press coverage of the bishop's Reading and Wilkes-Barre visits. (Background story here.) He was able to visit New Bethany and the Trinity soup kitchen, as well as two clergy Bible studies. The week also gave him opportunity to hear directly from our General Convention deputation and attend the regular meeting of the diocesan staff. Wednesday night was a special evening with the World Mission Committee. Friday night offered time with young people, and on Saturday morning Sophie and Lucy Kitch-Peck gave him the insider's tour of Bethlehem on foot. He also had personal contact with a number of our clergy and lay people as the week progressed. [Here's a story with photos of his visit to Trinity Easton.]

All in all, he has a much deeper picture of our life than his very brief previous visit to our convention afforded. After a very pleasant trip to Sayre and back over the weekend, we concluded last night with dinner at the Barebo's. Today was packing, lunch, and a drive to Newark. Bishop Anthony and I have come to know each other very much better after our week in the car together (Andrew, I miss you). The last few days gave us opportunity to discuss core issues of mission and the tasks of episcopate. Ever a busy man, Bishop Anthony will return not to Kajo-Keji, but to Juba, the capitol of the south, where he will preach at a bishops' retreat and then on to a mission meeting on his way to Nairobi. It was a great pleasure to have him with us, and I am grateful for all who cooperated in making the trip a success.

The April edition of Diocesan Life will provide rich photo coverage. Download a pdf file of pages 4-5 of that issue below.

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Winnie Romeril in Haiti

The image of a picture I did not take stays with me. It’s of a sign embedded in my mind since childhood. I’ve caught sight of it all over the world, and it always makes me smile. That red, white and blue shield with the familiar words, The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. I saw a fragment of it on a shattered wall in Leogane, Haiti. Most of the sign was gone, but it was still recognizable to me. I smiled out of habit; I could have cried.

[Download, from the April issue of Diocesan Life, Haiti for the Long Haul by Winnie Romeril, daughter of Bob and Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril of Bethlehem, who claims "two weeks in Puerto Rico" with a Diocese of Behlehem youth group some years ago, "changed my life."]

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