Trinity Easton to dedicate building addition and renovations, Sept. 14

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Contact: The Rev. Canon Andrew T. Gerns
Trinity Episcopal Church
234 Spring Garden Street
Easton, PA 18045
Cell: 610-392-4112

On Tuesday, September 14 at 5 p.m., Trinity Episcopal Church, 234 Spring Garden Street, Easton, Pennsylvania, will open their church and their new addition to the community for an Open House and then Bishop Paul V. Marshall of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem will bless and dedicate the space starting at 7 p.m.

At the ceremony, the parish will also formally announce the naming of the Trinity Primary School, which is being built in Sodogo, Sudan in the Diocese of Kajo-Keji, Episcopal Church of Southern Sudan, in part with funds raised by members of Trinity Church. Trinity tithed the proceeds of the campaign toward the building of the school, according to the Rev. Canon Andrew T. Gerns, rector. [Trinity's contribution covers about one-third of the cost of the school; the remaining two-thirds comes from other members of the Diocese of Bethlehem.]

Trinity Church serves the community not only as a house of worship and community of faith, but also as a place of help and refuge for those in need. The parish’s Ark Soup Kitchen serves 65-80 people every Saturday a nutritious, tasty meal. The parish has housed twelve-step groups, community organizations, programs from youth and the aged, and many others, and has a long history of outreach to the community. The parish, which was founded in 1819, calls itself “A Church for all people” who “discover, share and live God’s love.”

The new space contains a new commercial-grade kitchen, new restrooms and a new classroom, and makes the facility barrier-free. A stained glass window over the high altar of the church was threatened if the wall collapsed was also restored. In addition, improvements to the organ were made. The church repaved the parking lot, and made other modifications to make the space handicapped accessible.

The generosity of the congregation’s members made this building and the school in Southern Sudan possible. They raised nearly $450,000 during a capital campaign in 2009. The parish tithed their gift so that $45,000 is going across the globe, in Kajo-Keji County, Southern Sudan, a new primary school is being built in a little Sudanese village called Sodogo. The Diocese of Bethlehem, which includes Trinity, Easton, has a partner relationship with the Diocese of Kajo-Keji, which contains the village of Sodogo. The new school will be named for Trinity Church, Easton.

The new kitchen was equipped through a $25,000 grant from the Episcopal Church's United Thank Offering. The grant was one of three, the largest, awarded for projects in Pennsylvania. The UTO awarded 69 grants for 2010 for a total of $2,163,740.93 for the mission and ministry of The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. The grants were awarded to projects in 43 Episcopal Church dioceses, 11 companion diocese relationships and 15 international provinces.

The Open House will start at 5 p.m. on September 14, with presentations by community and civic leaders at 6:30 p.m. Bishop Marshall will then lead the congregation and community members through the building as the new and renovated spaces are blessed, followed by a Holy Eucharist in the Church. A reception follows in Conine Hall.

The building was financed through Merchants Bank of Bangor, PA.  The general contractor was the Alfero Company of Easton, PA. The architect was Jeff Martinson, AIA also of Easton.

For more information please contact The Rev. Canon Andrew T. Gerns, Rector at 610-253-0792 ext. 202 or via e-mail at You may also contact Sr. Patricia-Michael at the Church office (610-253-0752 ext. 201 and

Fund will preserve windows at Prince of Peace Dallas

By Rebecca
Staff Writer
The Dallas Post, March 22

The Chancel windows at Prince of Peace Episcopal Church in Dallas are in jeopardy of breaking and church members and the community are asked to help.

The three stained glass windows located behind the altar are in need of repair from expansion and contraction due to sunlight, heat and cold. Church members Dan Monk, Jennifer Martin, Dan Plashinski, Dave Dillon, Carl Goeringer and the Rev. John Major formed a committee and founded the “Restore the Glory” capital campaign, which is seeking approximately $10,000 to restore the windows.

The campaign began on March 1 and is scheduled to be completed by April 30 to avoid further damage to the windows.

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Montrose donates Christmas offering to New Hope Campaign

On Sunday, February 10, St. Paul’s, Montrose presented Mr. Charlie Barebo with a check for $1,200 for the New Hope Campaign. The parish had committed its Christmas 2007 offering to the Campaign for projects in Kajo Keji and Northeast Pennsylvania. Mr. Barebo was visiting the parish to acquaint the parishioners with the needs and the plans for the $3.6 million mission outreach. Download the story and view photo below.

Download 080210parish_gives_christmas_offering_to_new_hope.pdf

Buy home-grown vegetables to support Kajo Keji

Mt. Pocono -- Area residents can help people of war-ravaged Africa by buying home-grown vegetables at Trinity Church in Mount Pocono. Since July, Cindy Hill and Alvin Ziegler have been selling surplus vegetables from their garden and donating the money to help rebuild the county of Kajo Keji in South Sudan. "I've never been to Africa," said Hill. "Our bishop, Paul Marshall, visited Kajo Keji and I saw a slide show of his trip. It really underlined the hardships that people there have endured. My garden went out of control this summer so I decided to sell the surplus for Kajo Keji." Since July, Hill and Ziegler have given the Trinity Church secretary nearly $600.

Read the Pocono Record story at the newspaper’s website. If it’s no longer available there, download it below.

Download mtpocono.Campaign brings renewed hope to war.pdf

Bethlehem's Extra Mile

By Bishop Paul V. Marshall

[Published in The Morning Call, August 4, 2007]

The eight Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations will not solve all the problems of the world, but they go a long way towards making life sustainable for all. They focus on poverty and hunger, education, empowerment of women, child mortality, maternal health, disease, environmental sustainability, and global partnerships.

The price is low –.07% of the Gross National Product of our United States. Episcopal Church dioceses and congregations have committed to set aside a minimum of .07% of income to join the effort.

In the Diocese of Bethlehem, we have begun something unique to go an extra mile: a capital campaign for others. We are currently in the advance gifts phase of our New Hope campaign to raise $3.6 million.

Some 75% of the money raised will help the destitute in Sudan; 25% will provide grants to enable parishes in our diocese to expand projects and develop new initiatives to serve the needy in northeastern Pennsylvania. Our diocese, institutionally, will not benefit from this effort.

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Bethlehem/Kajo Keji Meeting near London

Bishop Paul met on Sunday, July 1, outside London with Bishop Anthony Poggo, Bishop of Kajo Keji, and The Rev. Emmanuel Murye, diocesan secretary of Kajo Keji. Joining them were Charles Barebo, chairman of the New Hope Campaign, and Archdeacon Howard Stringfellow. Bishop Anthony and Father Emmanuel traveled from Africa on Saturday, June 30. Heightened security slowed none of the travelers.

Download two photos below.

Download london_meeting_photos.pdf

Cathedral's Easter Offering

The Cathedral's Easter Offering will fund a well and pumping station for the community at Romogi in Sudan, the new site of the diocesan Cathedral, center and college. The well will also serve the local community. Many people have to walk miles to draw water and then carry the water back to their homes.

May God bless our efforts to support the people of Kajo Keji and the mission of the church in that country.

Download the poster below.

Download poster.Easter Offering 2007.pdf

Diocesan Council approves Capital Campaign to provide New Hope

On March 8, Diocesan Council determined to begin a campaign to raise $3.6 million: 75% for Sudan, and 25% for new ministries to the needy at home.

What we are going to do is unique: a capital campaign for somebody else.

"The Diocese," in the institutional sense, is not the beneficiary of this effort. That by itself will set this effort apart.

I am grateful to all who have worked to bring us to this moment. Now our adventure begins in Jesus' name

--Bishop Paul

Download more info below.

Download diocesan_council_approves....pdf

Kajo Keji.What is God calling us to do?

Charlie Barebo was one of four Diocese of Bethlehem representatives on the January mission trip to Kajo Keji. "Five years ago our beloved Bishop asked me to help spearhead a capital campaign to develop a camp and conference center," he said during a sermon he preached yesterday at St. Anne's, Trexlertown. "A funny thing happened on the way to our camp and conference center. I woke up one morning in the Sudan."

Download the sermon below.

Download barebo.What is God Calling Us to Do.pdf


Bishop's Convention Address

New Hope from Bethlehem
Bishop Paul Marshall
October 13, 2006

When we accept Jesus' discipline of looking beyond ourselves, we change. When each of us sees ourselves as having a part in Christ's mission in life, much around us changes. The family in Bethlehem diocese has affected its neighbors unforgettably. In the last five years, our relatively tiny diocese has given over $800,000 to relief for Africa, for tsunami victims and for hurricane relief. And that is just the money we know about because it flowed through us to Episcopal Relief and Development. Certainly there has been more. No one can doubt that the love of God lives among us, and I thank you on behalf of the many who have no other way to address you. ...

Diana and I baked in a bus for 14 hours in the Ugandan sun. Finally, you just give up wiping your face. As we became increasingly caked with red dirt and the overcrowded bus grew hotter and hotter, I found myself baking in a holy and creative sense: I knew God wanted my attention. Genesis says humans began our existence as kind of mud pies, and the red dust of the earth baking into my pores helped me have the beginnings of a new insight: Here were sisters and brothers with almost nothing to their names trying to build a life and a country -- how could I go on as usual with my life? As I told you last year, in addition to altering how I live personally, I have had to abandon some of my bricks-and-mortar dreams for our own diocese, particularly regarding a conference center, in order to see what God would have us do for others. The question that intrigued me was, Could we dare to have a capital fund drive where we didn't get the money?

[Read all of Bishop Paul's address to convention at the link below.]

Download 2006_convention_address.pdf

New Hope from the Diocese of Bethlehem

... for a New Sudan ... for New Churches ... for the Needy
At the link below, you may download a brochure explaining the goals of the Feasibility Study which was authorized by Diocesan Council. The Study's purpose is to inform parishioners of identified needs for which funds are needed, gain feedback and opinions as to those goals, and determine the level of financial support for a diocesan-wide capital campaign. As part of the Feasibility Study, questionnaires and interviews will be conducted with clergy, wardens, diocesan leaders and selected lay persons throughout November.

Download feasibility_study_brochure.pdf