Two Post Pentecost Posters

Parishes may use two welcome posters designed by Jenifer Gamber for the second part of our long Pentecost season. Once again, Jenifer has volunteered to customize the posters for parishes in the Diocese of Bethlehem free of charge. Parishes that request this, will receive a pdf file of the 11" X 17" poster that they can have duplicated at a local printer or at Minuteman Press in Bethlehem. Cost of duplication is about $1 per copy. Let Jenifer know if you’d like her to send you pdf files of the posters customized for your parish.

To view a sample, download the posters customized for the Cathedral Church of the Nativity.

Download postpentecost_2007_poster.Bread.pdf

Download postpentecost_2007_poster.People.pdf

Postcard Campaign for Fall

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity continues its postcard campaign with a fall mailing to 4,000 local households (excluding members of other local Episcopal Churches) using the postcard you may download below. It is designed with a back-to-school theme in mind that coincides with the beginning of Cathedral’s Sunday School and Adult Forum classes. Parishes in the Diocese of Bethlehem are invited to use the 4.5 X 8.5" postcard. Jenifer Gamber has offered to customize the wording on the front and back for your parish. We plan to have Minuteman Press of Bethlehem, PA to print all postcards and share the cost savings from a larger print run. E-mail Jenifer for more information (cost of production and mailing as well as dates for copy) if your parish would like to join this effort of invitation to your local community.

Download ccn_fall_postcard_2007.pdf

Poster for the Pentecost Season

Jenifer Gamber has created a poster for the season after Pentecost for the Cathedral. She has offered to customize it for any parish in the Diocese of Bethlehem. E-mail Jenifer if you would like a customized poster. You will receive a pdf file in return that you can send to your local printer. The poster is 12" X 18".

View/download the poster below.

Download postpentecost_2007b.pdf


New York Times ad notes history and mission of Episcopal Church

The op-ed pages of May 12 editions of The New York Times carried the display ad reproduced on the second page of the pdf file that may be downloaded below. The narrative in the ad marked the beginnings, 400 years ago, of the Jamestown Colony and the Episcopal Church's heritage an mission in North America.

You may use the ad locally in parish newsletters and bulletins, on websites and in other creative ways.

Thanks to Episcopal Life Online for the ad and the artwork. Both may be downloaded for your use at

Download marking_a_milestone.NYTimes ad.pdf

Six Churches cooperate in Easter invitation

Download the flyer/invitation below (two sides) that has been sent by six churches (four in Susquehanna County and two nearby) to 12,400+ households in the county. It will be supported by front-page ads in both the Independent Weekly and the Pennysaver Weekender sent free also to all the households in the region.

Download susquehannaflyer.Side1.Easter'07.pdf

Download susquehannaflyer.Side2.Easter'07.pdf

Holy Week Outreach

The Evangelism Commission and several parishes of the Diocese of Bethlehem are joining together to mass mail a postcard to targeted homes before Palm Sunday. Other parishes are invited to participate.

Download the invitation and explanation below (crafted by Andy Gerns, chair of the Evangelism Commission) and the front four-color panel of the postcard (designed by Jenifer Gamber). A black and white back panel can be customised for each participating parish. The deadline to opt in is next Friday, February 23.

Download easter_postcard.Invitation to participate.pdf

Download easter_postcard_diobeth_2007.Front Panel.pdf

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Poster for Lent

Jenifer Gamber of the Cathedral has created another stunning poster for Lent, for all entryways. This poster features a photograph by Anne Wetzel of pectoral crosses of Primates and Presiding Bishops at the Lambeth Conference in 1998. She said she was attracted to this image because it so vividly shows the diversity of the Anglican Communion and the variety of ways of the cross.
Jenifer has offered to customize the poster for other parishes in our diocese. You may email Jenifer to discuss this. Download the poster below.

Download poster.Lent 2007.pdf

Postcards and TV Ads

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, mailed two Christmas postcards to 4,200 area residents and is running a television advertisement during the three weeks leading up to Christmas Day. Total cost of this campaign is under $3,000. “The Cathedral has had over 50 new households (100 individuals) join our community over the past year,” says Jenifer Gamber. "Evangelism works." . “Evangelism works!”

Download christmas_postcard_2006a.pdf

Download christmas_postcard_2006b.pdf

Download christmas_tv_ad.2006.wmv

Trinity Church, Easton, mailed a Christmas postcard to every home in walking distance and households in the four zip codes they serve, as well as to their own parishioners.

Download trinity_easton_2006_christmas_mailer.pdf

I believe Jenifer Gamber of the Cathedral designed all the postcards.

Evangelism/Marketing at Trinity Easton

This is an update on the progress on evangelism/marketing efforts at Trinity, Easton.

1. This postcard will be mailed within during the first week of September. It was designed by Woodyatt Associates (Richard Woodyatt is junior warden at the Cathedral. His group has done ad campaign work for the Cathedral and for Christ Church, Stroudsburg.)

Download trinity_easton_fall2006_postcard.pdf

The postcard will go to some 2400 households (A) in zip codes 18040 (Forks) and 18045 (Palmer) where there is a 25-44 year old adult homeowner and who have children 6-10 years old. (B) in zip codes 18042 (Easton, Wilson, Williams) and 08865 (Phillipsburg) as above, and where the occupants have owned their homes for five years or less. (C) to al
ll households in the carrier routes within walking distance to Trinity. (D) to all on the Citadel (parish newsletter) mailing list, as a reminder to Trinity's own members of the program year about to begin.

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Cathedral's Ad Campaign

The Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, will air a TV ad with a local tag 210 times over four weeks on local cable and will mail a similarly-themed postcard to over 4,000 local households inviting all to Cathedral's annual ministry fair (Nativityfest) on September 10.

The TV ad will run fo four weeks, leading up to the first day of Sunday School, September 17. The ad builds on the back-to-school season. The tag at the end of the commercial has the same image as the postcard mailing. The fall posters at the Cathedral entrances will also have a similar image for a coordinated advertising campaign.

This continues an advertising campaign begun last year that included three postcard mailings to the same 4,000+ households, 7 weeks of TV advertising and 1/4 page newspaper ads with other Lehigh Valley Episcopal Churches.

"Advertising works!" says Jenifer Gamber, a Cathedral parishioner who has coordinated the design and implementation of the campaign. "Last year the Cathedral had 120+ more people at each of the Christmas and Easter services and more than two dozen new families joined during the year.”

She says the postcard mailing costs $1,200. "The 30-second ad spots on cable (210 over 4 weeks) costs $1,900.

Download the postcard and a video of the TV ad below. The video file is at a low resolution to keep the file size manageable. What will appear on television will be crisp and clear. Even at that, however, please note that the video file below is a a 1.3MB download.

Download cathedral.Fall Postcard 2006.pdf

Download ccn_fall_2006.wmv

Easter Postcards: Stroudsburg and Bethlehem

Christ Church, Stroudsburg, and the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, mailed Easter postcards to their parishioners and to a list of prospective new members at the beginning of April. You may view the postcards at the links below.

For each parish, a parishioner designed the postcard. The Pikewood Companies of Bethlehem and Easton,, executed production and mailing.

For the Christ church mailing, Pikewood targeted some 1850 Gen-X households with primary school-age children. All such households with Stroudsburg addresses were targeted. For the suburban areas, however, there was an added restriction that they moved in recently. Pikewood selected the targeted Zip Codes specifically to avoid the areas covered by neighboring Episcopal

The Cathedral mailing program was designed in a similar manner. A parishioner-designed postcard was sent to parishioners and prospective new members. Gen-X families with children in Zip Codes not serviced by neighboring Episcopal churches were targeted. There were 4,260 prospective members for the Cathedral.

Both churches are planning a mailing in August to promote the start of the new school/activity year.

Richard Woodyatt of Pikewood (a parishioner at the Cathedral) would be interested in speaking with a representative of other parishes to determine if there is any interest in a coordinated mailing program so everyone can take advantage of significant volume discounts in printing. He can be reached at 610-865-9946 or

Download Postcard.Stroudsburg.Easter.pdf

Download Postcard.Cathedral.Easter.pdf

Cathedral's Banners

Two banners hang outside the Cathedral , on the building. The designers hope these invite passers-by to check out the church. Having images of people lets others know that it is a community of relationship and reflects the diversity of the community, that this is a place they may feel welcomed. The main banner, the first one linked below, is 10' long and 4' tall. The smaller banner is attached to the main banner and will rotate by event and season.

Download ccn_banner_large_main.pdf

Download ccn_banner_large_ad_on.pdf

Cathedral's Easter Postcard

Since last fall, the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, has been engaged in the creation of some excellent advertising and evangelism components for its continuing Come and Grow campaign via cable TV and direct mail. A beautiful recent piece is the oversize Easter postcard you may see at the link below. Those seeking more information regarding the creation of the various components of the campaign or how the direct mail piece was organized may email

Download cathedral.Easter Postcard 06.pdf