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Two Poems for Jane Teter – by Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril

A Bright Light Went Out Today
17 January, 2017

A Bright Light went out today.

Broken hearts litter the landscape.

Radiant she was, with the Shekinah

beaming off her cheeks, quietly

emanating God's peace.

A deeply holy woman

greatly loved and respected.

She had dignity.

She was Lady Jane.

Loving fellowship in ministry

with colleagues lay and ordained.

Witty. Zany. Fun-loving. Mischievous.

Wisdom cloaked in humor.

A great listener.

When she was with you, she always      

seemed to be simultaneously conversing

with the heavenly realm. She was rooted

there. And here. She believed in miracles.

And was living one.

Her constancy, faithfulness, determination and

endurance spelled courage, writ large.

Loved family, dogs, and butter pecan ice cream.

Angels, and English Dominoes. Time at the cottage.

Still waters were the current that ran beneath Jane and the

well from which she drew strength. She and Wendell Berry knew

enough to go apart “into the place where the wild things are, and

to come into the presence of still water.”

On the road again. She traveled constantly.

To go wherever she was called was her adventure.

The breadth of the diocese her map.

And when she wasn't driving she was knitting.

How many scarves and hats and gloves for the seamen?

How many baby hats and blankets? How many knitters are there

now because of Jane? Grains of sand and stars in the sky.

And then there were the retreats. COM, Vestry, New rectors, Cursillo. Her skills as Facilitator are legion. Always patient, cheerful and adept at bringing realistic goals to the fore. Accomplishing the task.

Nurturing sister clergy at Kirby House, “our place”. Tomato soup and grilled cheese. High tea at four. Bunk beds and pillow fights. Songs in the night. Painting, movies and hot chocolate. Stories by candlelight. Eucharist. Healing. Taking turns rocking the babies under the Christmas tree.

Treasured friend, sister, colleague,

Thanks for the memories.

Bon Voyage!

Pray for us.

                                   Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril
                                   20 January, 2017

Wendell Berry, “Simple Grace


Woman of substance

I miss you!

Your smile, your laughter

riding on the air like

little monastery bells!

I miss watching you

unfold the Holy Mysteries

you lived with and the

other ones, the ones

you liked to read.

Always centered,

emanating peace and

tranquility, you blessed me.

I miss the long drives to

faraway quilting shops and

Friday lunches at the diner,

where mac and cheese

and the best stewed tomatoes

in the world gave us sustenance

for the long haul.

Your quiet deep caring was like

the shawl I wear, covering me

with sisterly love and affection.

The tears are mine.

I ponder God's plan for me,

still on journey.

Now you and Edgar

walk hand in hand

in Paradise, God's

plan for you complete.

Thanks be to God.

Goodbye my friend.

                                                                                                Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril
                                                                                                27 January 2017


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