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Clinical Pastoral Education Program at Geisinger

Winter 2016 Extended Unit Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center Wilkes-Barre, PA


January 12, 2016 and January 19, 2016 (Tuesday) 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM: Orientation Week of January 26, 2016 first week of clinical time
Tuesday each week beginning January 26, 2016
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Clinical Pastoral Education Class time

Tuesday June 7, 2016 Last day of Class (20 weeks)


One day per week in group (8:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.) Clinical time per week
Individual Supervision
Reading and Writing

Total commitment per week

Each student will:

Commit to attendance at orientation and Tuesday sessions. Fulfill weekly on-duty responsibilities.

4 hours 15 hours 1 hour 3 hours

22 hours

Participate in orientation to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, the Department of Spiritual Care, and Clinical Pastoral Education. The orientation includes department operations within the medical center at the time of death, baptism, pregnancy loss and infant death, trauma, Emergency Department ministry.

Complete and present in group and/or supervision: a mutually negotiated learning contract, clinical case accounts, weekly reflections, mid-term evaluation, and final evaluation.

$600 Extended Unit Tuition: $100 payable upon acceptance into CPE program $500 balance due on or before January 12, 2016

To apply for admission:

  •   Complete an ACPE application found on the ACPE website

  •   Attach a $20 non-refundable, application fee payable to: Geisinger Medical Center

  •   Mail completed application and application fee to: Geisinger Medical Center, Spiritual

    Care Department, 100 North Academy Avenue Danville, PA 17822-2801 Attn: Tina Kester, Administrative Assistant.

    Geisinger Health System’s CPE Programs are accredited by the ASSOCIATION FOR CLINICAL PASTORAL EDUCATION, INC. 1549 Clairmont Road, Suite 103, Decatur, Georgia 30033


No Smoking Policy

Starting with offers dated Feb. 1, 2012, and after, Geisinger Health System will no longer accept applicants who use tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and chewing or smokeless tobacco. Applicants will be screened for nicotine as part of the pre-education physical process. Nicotine will be part of the urine drug screen. Students who test positive for nicotine will have their offers into the CPE program rescinded.


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