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Upon the death of Brother Andrew Colquhoun, OHC

Brother Andrew Colquhoun died on May 6, at Kingston Hospital, Kingston NY. He was 77 years old.

[Brother Robert Sevensky, Superior, Order of the Holy Cross] Andrew entered the Order of the Holy Cross in 1989 and made his life profession in 1994. A priest of the Church, Andrew was ordained in 1984 after serving as a minister for many years in the Presbyterian/Reformed tradition and as a hospital chaplain and CPE supervisor.

As a member of the Order, Andrew served in many capacities, including as Prior of Holy Cross Monastery, West Park. Perhaps the crown of his vocation was the twelve years he spent in South Africa.  Andrew went there in 1998 as one of the three founding brothers of the Order's monastery and school in Grahamstown and served faithfully and tirelessly.


[Canon Anne Kitch] Andrew was canonically resident in the Diocese of Bethlehem and was once a CPE supervisor in the Lehigh Valley. Br. Andrew was a mentor to me when I was in the Diocese of New York and I visited the monastery regularly. I last saw him at General Convention in 2012, where he offered his gentle presence and wisdom as a chaplain. He was also known for his grace as a celtic harper.


[Canon Andrew Gerns] We remember Brother Andrew fondly at Trinity, Easton, where at one time he was a member and an associate priest. He was a chaplain and CPE Supervisor at Easton Hospital as well as a spiritual guide to many. The Communion Set that he gave Easton Hospital is now in use in the Chapel at Trinity after that facility ended formal pastoral care services. Many from our parish continued to make their way to Hyde Park for his wise and gentle humor and spiritual counsel.


[Father John Major] Several of our  diocesan clergy were with Brother Andrew on retreat not long ago. I will remember those moments of prayer and gathering and prize his charity and wisdom always.


[Jan Charney] Another break in the memory quilt... He was The Rev. Jim Colquhoon when we first met him in Easton, so it took a while to get used to the "Andrew" change.  He did so much to build the Pastoral Care department at Easton Hospital, and was loved and admired by many. It was he who encouraged me to take CPE as a layperson - and it was a life-enriching experience indeed. (He was the one who told me that I didn't always need a Prayer Book to pray - my own words would do just fine, thank you.) He, and the Rev. Allan Kramer-Moyer developed a solid core of volunteer Chaplains - mostly lay folks-who covered evenings from 5 PM to 8 AM daily, a ministry that continued until the Dept. was closed. I have memories of 20 years of those nights, and some wonderful and touching stories.  We attended both of his vow-takings at Holy Cross, and though not in touch so much recently, thought of him especially when his name came up in our Prayers of the People as someone who was praying for those of us at Trinity. He had a wicked sense of humor, and was not known to suffer fools gladly, but was also wise and compassionate in a multitude of ways. And now, we can pray for him in a new way in his new life.  May he rest in peace and rise in the glory he so deserves.


[Archdeacon Rick Cluett] This is very sad news for all of us who have known, been touched by, or loved Brother Andrew. More than 30 years ago this wonderful Scot came to the Lehigh Valley as priest, pastor, and chaplain. While here he discovered his call to a monastic vocation, and the rest as they say, is history - a beautiful history of service offered and love given to countless numbers of people. Straight talker, witty, profound, loving, wise, and courageous. I am blessed and grateful to have been with him from time to time on his journey that has now brought him safely home. Thanks be to God for the life and ministry of Brother Andrew Colquhoun, OHC.


[Father T. Scott Allen] I am sad to hear of Jim's (Andrew's) passing.  Another light has gone out in the Church militant.  I recall meeting with him when I first came back to the diocese in 2000 and his pastoral counsel he gave me as a formerly married Dad, a priest and a gay man.  I shall always cherish his memory as one who spoke the Word of truth and Gospel in gentle and confident ways.  May he truly rest in peace and rise in glory!


[Linda Gallagher] A very long time ago, very early in the AIDS epidemic,  Father Andrew, who was known as Father Jim Colqhoun at that time, visited with a gay man who was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital. Do to fear and lack of information the young man's food trays were left on the floor outside his room. No one wanted to enter the room. Father Andrew visited, fed him, bathed him and wept as he died. At the funeral service, I believe there were four of us present, he spoke with his gentle Scottish lilt as  he proclaimed the Gospel. He read from Isaiah--they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles,they shall run and not be weary . . . .   I believe he was a Holy Man, he saw the world with the eyes of God.  Rest in peace, dear friend.



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