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Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril celebrates 30 and 80 to benefit Kajo Keji

In July, Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril will celebrate her 80th birthday, and the 30th anniversary of her Ordination to the priesthood. (Her 30 years have been spent as an associate at the Cathedral, Trinity Easton, and Trinity Bethlehem, and as the rector at St. Andrew's Allentown.) Her family is asking friends to honor these occasions in one or both of two ways:

1) Send notes, photos, card, reminiscences etc. for a Memory Book to be prepared for the Romeril family to enjoy. They are asking for these by July 1, but you may certainly send them whenever news of this project reaches you.

2) Make a contribution in her honor to the orphans of Kajo-Keji through the Diocese's New Hope Fund.

Gwendolyn-Jane was both an orphan, and had a career in nursing, so monies received will be used to feed, clothe, house, and pay for the medical care of orphans who have survived the war in Sudan at an orphanage near the Medical Clinic built by New Hope, and adjacent to a camp for widows, whose members visit these children daily. Those who have seen the women and children together say that this interaction of victims has produced a tangible atmosphere of joy and healing.

This will be a year-long celebration, and they have decided on two very lofty goals-- the immediate goal is to raise $12,750, enough to support 30 orphans for one year. The one-year goal is $34,000, enough to care for 80 orphans.

Here's how it will work: Send mail remembrances to: "Celebration" 26 W. Market St., Bethlehem, PA 18018. Or via e-mail to: Winnie Romeril at [email protected].


Send checks in any amount to: Diocese of Bethlehem, 333 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, PA 18018, Memo: Romeril Orphan Fund, Or make a secure donation, Scroll to bottom of page and click "Donate", Select "Other" and type "Romeril Orphan Fund".

Here's what some dollar amounts will provide: $50 - uniforms and books and 30 days of schooling. $100 - 80 orphans will eat for one day, and have a safe place to sleep. $240 - 30 orphans will receive medical care, clothing, food and shelter for one week. And if parishes want to consider a contribution, the complete care for one orphan at St. Bartholomew's Orphanage for one year costs $425. One year of primary schooling at the new Hope Private School costs $600



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