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A Resource for Christian/Muslim Dialogue

[From Addison Bross, Co-Chair, Diocesan Peace Commission]

If your parish is contemplating holding an event in line with the resolution to promote Christian-Muslim understanding (passed last fall at Diocesan Convention), you may want to know of the upcoming event.

Dr. Kenneth Cragg, author of Christians and Muslims: From History to Healing and one of the founders of Muslims and Christians United: A Lehigh Valley Initiative has expressed interest in giving presentations and leading study-groups on this interfaith topic for Episcopalians in our Diocese.

The series of meetings he led with a combined Muslim and Christian group some months ago led to the formation of Muslims and Christians United. This was a continuing study-group in which participants looked deeply into each other's faiths. Dr. Cragg is convinced that this format works best for promoting a genuine level of exchange and interaction, where the problems that have divided the two religions can come forward and be addressed frankly, and where these two distinct "peoples of the book" can also discover the ties that bind them in a single Abrahamic tradition.

My impression is that this approach gets beyond platitudes and makes possible a kind of sharing at a deeper level. I have asked Dr. Cragg about helping parishes in our Diocese with such a project. He suggested persons interested in this issue might find profit in attending a meeting in Harrisburg on 31 March, where he will explain to a gathering there just what such a series would involve.

The meeting is scheduled for 3 pm, Saturday, 31 March, at Susquehanna Hall of Elizabethtown College off Route 283 between Harrisburg and Lancaster. The originating group is The World Affairs Counsel of Harrisburg. Additional sponsors are the Muslims and Christians United of Lehigh Valley, Elizabethtown College, and interfaith groups of Harrisburg and Lancaster.


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