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Chancel Opera of Naaman the Leper to be performed February 12th at Church of the Mediator, Allentown

[ From Jo Trepagnier]

The Episcopal Church of the Mediator in Allentown is proud to announce a special addition to our Sunday service on February 12th (8 & 10:15am). A new sermon-length chancel oratorio in costume called “Naaman the Leper” (based on 2 Kings 5:1-19) will be offered. The parish has tapped some of its own choir members and parishioners including children to stage this new opera, with score and libretto by Susan Hulsman Bingham. Susan and Timothy Bingham are members of the Church of the Mediator.

Susan composes the scores (sometimes with the creative support of children) and her various pieces can be explored at The liturgical (or "church" or "chancel") operas are short pieces designed to replace the sermon in the worship service. Action takes place in the "chancel" -- that is, the elevated area approaching the altar, between the choir stalls in most churches.

Naaman is a prominent political and social figure who stands in high favor with the King of Aram. However, he has leprosy. Though his arrogance prevents him, at first, from heeding a suggestion by his young Israelite slave girl to seek help from the prophet Elisha, his illness wears him down. He grudgingly seeks Elisha’s help, even more grudgingly follows his simple prescription for a cure, and is healed of both inner and outer ill health.

Mediator welcomes all to explore this virtual way of hearing this great Bible story. The church is located at 1620 W. Turner Street and on-street parking is available., as well as parking at the Masonic Temple on Linden Street. A nursery for children under age 3 is open at 9:00am.


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