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Sacred Harp Sing at St. Peter's, Tunkhannock on January 8th

[From Fr. Ed Erb]

David Martin of St. Peter's Tunkhannock is very active in the Sacred Harp Society.  What is that, you ask?  One of the very important foundations of (early) American hymnody, sometimes called "Shape Note" singing.
A Sacred Harp Sing is being held at the new St. Peter's Church off Route 6 in Tunkhannock on Sunday, January 8th at 3:00p.m.
Associated particularly with the Appalachian mountains, Sacred Harp/Shape Note was developed as a means in the Singing School of teaching music to "the back-woods."  Many of our beloved hymns come from the tradition of unaccompanied four-part singing which inspired many generations of early Americans from New England to Appalachia and the Southern states.  Many hymn-books common to the 19th century Church followed suit:  The Sacred Harp, Southern Harmony, Kentucky Harmony, Songs of Zion and many others sought to educate and inspire.
A "sing" typically involves a square of tenors (with the melody), altos, sopranos and basses in sections facing each other.  A signature element is the 4-shape notes, familiar elipse (or "lozenge"), a square, a triangle and a rectangle, each of which indicate a particular note of the scale.  (In an 8-note octave, the four signs are repeated "do" through "fa," "sol" through "do" - think, "Do a Deer" and go from there.)
If you are intrigued, we invite you to come and join us in this unique experience.  Sunday, January 8th at 3:00 p.m. at the new St. Peter's Church in Tunkhannock.  Contact David Martin for more information:


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