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Diocesan Life for February 2012

Well, we have a new printer and with a new printer means a little bit of change. As you might remember, we are no longer a diocesan wrap around Episcopal Journal but are our own publication. We are in the process of getting a non-profit mailing permit so bear with us as these first few months might be a bit rocky while we get used to new procedures and new printing requirements. The look is essentially the same but you will notice that the mailing label has moved and we are not reporting national level news. Starting with March's issue, Bill Lewellis will be adding some highlights for you to explore much like he does currently on our newSpin eNewsletter. We welcome any comments, problems, or issues as well as we transition to a new way of doing things while still providing a print resource. If you do have questions, please email me: [email protected]


Download the .pdf version here: Download BDL1202-completeCORRECTED_SMALL


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