Christ Church Reading celebrates 40th anniversary of Organist Bruce Bengtson’s ministry upon his retirement
James K. Wilson named organist/choirmaster at Christ Church Reading

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The newSpin newsletter, August 4, 2011
By Bill Lewellis

Published Monday, occasionally also on Thursday

T.S. Eliot warned against “dreaming of systems so perfect that no one will need to be good."

[Bill] This newsletter has been sent from the Church of the Redeemer, Longport NJ, where I can be reached as usual,

• Somalis wasting away as insurgents block escape from famine ... [NYimes, Aug. 2] Aid groups are trying to scale up their operations, and the United Nations has begun airlifting emergency food. But many seasoned aid officials are speaking in grim tones because one of Africa’s worst humanitarian disasters in decades has struck one of the most inaccessible countries on earth. Somalia, especially the southern third where the famine is, has been considered a no-go zone for years, a lawless caldron that has claimed the lives of dozens of aid workers, peacekeepers and American soldiers, going back to the “Black Hawk Down” battle in 1993, spelling a legacy that has scared off many international organizations ... “Somalia is one of the most complicated places in the world to deliver aid, more complicated than Afghanistan,” said Stefano Porretti, who heads the World Food Progam’s efforts in Somalia and recently worked in Afghanistan.  More here

• Bruce Bengtson retires ... Christ Church Reading celebrates 40th anniversary of Organist Bruce Bengtson’s ministry upon his retirement. Here.

• New Bethany Ministries has new prospect for expanded social services center
... [Express-Times] Nine months after a deal to buy the former Our Lady of Pompeii Roman Catholic Church fell through, New Bethany Ministries has a new prospect for an expanded social services center in Bethlehem. The organization has submitted a letter of interest for a dilapidated warehouse at East Fifth and Atlantic streets .. The new site is a block away from the former church but will likely be better supported by the neighborhood because it is not on the main commercial stretch of East Fourth Street as the church is, said Ellen Larmer, project director for Community Action Development Corp. of Bethlehem. The organization and several business owners within the neighborhood known as Four Blocks International opposed New Bethany’s proposed purchase of Our Lady of Pompeii. More here.

• Collette Shepherd's father ... [Jo Trepagnier, parish administrator, Mediator Allentown] Collette Shepherd’s father died very unexpectedly this past weekend. She is in the Chicago area now. Her father cared for her mother and this death is very complicated and surprising to the large loving family. Colette is a great woman and I ask for your prayers for her father Paul Coutre and her family. Collette is parish administraor at St. Anne's Trexlertown. Obituary here.
• Parish Administrators ... [Jo Trepagnier, parish administrator, Mediator Allentown] As parish administrators we all work for different clergy and vestry and parish families with all sorts of expectations. In most cases, we are unlike the clergy, who have all kinds of opportunities for paid time off for education and tuition reimbursement, sabbaticals, mileage reimbursements, clergy days, clergy meals and retreats. The administrators share very similar work from Christmas bulletins to newsletters to newcomers and parochial reports. Often, we are the voice and ears of the parish and may know more about the families than any others. Administrator meetings are lovely but primarily they are an opportunity for us to learn from each other and develop contacts for tough situations. I believe the administrators are a major untapped resource in this diocese and that if we had more opportunities to work together we could save the diocese a lot of money and increase the overall quality of our work. I’ve attended meetings where in one minute one person has helped another solve hours and hours of problems. I’d love to have quarterly regional meetings, planned by someone dedicated to that planning. To have the administrators encouraged, required and or released from our work load to attend and paid for the hours we attend.
• At St. Mary's Reading ... [Jennifer Ross] The Rev. Ellie Hart is supply priest at St. Mary's while Pastor Nancy is on her well-earned vacation. She spoke last week during her sermon of how most churches are small ... and struggling.  Her sermon was wonderful. I'd not heard her often before, and I'm glad I've listened to her God-gifted and ministry-grown wise words on the lessons to share and explain. This week, I've been thinking of a new ministry that's come to us through vestry member Scott Chambers. At this moment, members of our parish are up at a nearby distribution center, getting into what the process is. It's an Angel Foods Ministry. We're going to begin it in August. Pray for us, please, at St. Mary's as we take another step to serve whoever takes part in ordering needed foods. They turn to Angel Food, because they know of needs. We pray to serve well. Please continue to hold all those in need these hot summer days in your hearts. [newSpin expects soon to hear more about Angel Food Ministries and St. Mary's participation from Scott Chambers]
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• Valuing the Invaluable ... [Congregational Resource Guide] This report from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), highlights the importance of family caregivers by showing not only how many provide care to adults, but also how that care translates into dollars. Learn more by linking to the "Valuing the Invaluable" webpage, fact sheet, or full report. Also see CRG's in-depth piece, "Parish Nursing: New Trends," as well as the blogs "Forming (Wholly) Healthy Communities" and (perhaps most relevant) "Congregations and Caregivers: Serving Those Who Serve." More here.

• Hermetically sealed religion ... Here. [h/t Craig Sweeney]

• Episcopups ... [Forward Movement, Scott Gunn] We at Forward Movement have decided that "The Episcopal Church welcomes you" extends to dogs. So our Episcocats calendar will be joined by an Episcopups calendar. This is at the request of many
readers. To get the calendar out on time, we need to put it together quickly. We'd love some high quality photos, but we need them ASAP. Please see this web page for details. The deadline is August 12. If you'd like to make your dogs famous, this is your chance.

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• For our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families. Check the newSpin blog for an update.

• Feudal America ... [Joe Jackloski, posted on Bakery] Let's see now: The many supporting the needs a of a few. The most vulnerable ignored or preyed upon. Infrastructure concentrated around power. Wealth aggregated to the wealthy. A ruling class unresponsive to the common nation. Universal education under attack. Senseless wars. Intrusive Government. Diminished personal rights. Capricious taxation. I see a least a passing resemblance to a Feudal state.

• On American Income Inequality ... [Daily Kos] Al Jazeera documentary on American Income Inequality nails it: It's the oligarchy, stupid. Here. [h/t Joe Jackloski]

• Mary Magdalene: Role Model for Bishops
... [EpiscopalCafé, Ann Fontaine] The Very Reverend June Osborne, Dean of Salisbury, gives the sermon during the service for the Ordination and Consecration of the Bishop of Salisbury and the Bishop of Stepney. Service was held at St Paul's Cathedral, London, on the Feast of Mary Magdalene, July 22, 2011. Text and video. Here.

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Be in Love. And, if necessary, change. [Bernard Lonergan]


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