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Christ Church Reading celebrates 40th anniversary of Organist Bruce Bengtson’s ministry upon his retirement

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The newSpin newsletter, August 1, 2011
By Bill Lewellis

Published Monday, occasionally also on Thursday

If I feed the poor, they call me a Saint. If I ask why some are poor and hungry, they call me a Communist. -Dom Helder Camara

[Bill] This newsletter has been sent from the Church of the Redeemer, Longport NJ, where I can be reached as usual,

• Do you speak Christian ... [CNN Belief Blog] This is very good. Be sure to view video and read text. They're not the same. Here. [h/t Torey Lightcap, Episcopal Café]
• When you want to communicate with your elected officials
... can help.

• RC Bishops reject House GOP budget approach ... See below, under Commentary.
• A coarsening of attitudes toward the young, the old and the poor ... America magazine editorial. See below, under Commentary.
• The average temperature in Washington DC during July was 94.
• In that event, I think St. Paul was wrong ... See below, under TailSpin.
• Conversation at a clam bar ... See below, under TaleSpin.
• Opening doors through faith ... A GoLackawanna feature on Peter D'Angio. See below, under DioBethSpin.

• Easton churches will help alleviate Safe Harbor cuts ... [EastonPatch, an online newspaper] With the cutbacks at Safe Harbor, the shelter and drop-in center for homeless men and women on Bushkill Drive in Easton, local churches are prepared to help out where necessary despite their own staff and budget reductions. ... Trinity Church currently provides a Saturday noon meal to 55-80 members of the community. Although they have not seen an influx of people arising from cuts at Safe Harbor, they are prepared to do more if needed. "It's almost too early to tell, but we would feed more on Saturday if we had to,” said Jan Charney, outreach liaison for the church and coordinator of the ARK soup kitchen. More here.
• Beyond the confines of human language ... [Elizabeth Geitz, Mother Bear spirituality] Bishop Paul’s reflection which followed the readings was right on target and balm for my soul. Just as the service ended, the man to my left poked me in the elbow and said, “This is a cathedral. A cathedral of pines. Look up.” And I did. The pine trees all around us soared high into the heavens, reaching up to the God who was with us all in that sacred space. The Rev. Peter D’Angio serves as an openly gay rector of the 140-year-old church. More here.

• Opening doors through faith ... [Go Lackawanna, a community publication of the Times Leader] With a church on almost every corner in the city, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in downtown Scranton may seem like any other house of worship. One distinct difference, however, rings of a timely debate in religious communities across the country. Rev. Peter D’Angio serves as an openly gay rector of the 140-year-old church. ... While he has never felt directly discriminated against because of his sexual identity since coming to Scranton, the now 52-year-old pastor has met other gay and lesbian residents who have had a difficult time finding their place in the community. “It has been my experience that people here struggle, and they struggle in isolation because there’s not a good network of gay and lesbian people. There is no community center,” he said. “I have people come to me and almost give confessions because they have nobody else to talk to about this. They don’t feel hopeless, but they feel frustrated and they often feel trapped.” More here.
• Christmas at Sea ... [Canon Jane Teter] While you are enjoying the summer heat (outside or in the air conditioning!!) don't forget the mariners on the high seas at Christmas - away from family and friends. Knit a hat and/or scarf, a vest or a pair of socks.  Items may be dropped off at Diocesan House at anytime or brought to Diocesan Convention in October. Patterns may be found at
• Douglassville seeks part-time organist/choir director ... More here.
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• Pay it forward ... [Joe Jackloski] My son reads a newsblog called Reddit. Recently he has become interested in bicycling, so he dug out my old all terrain bike and began refurbishing it. Since my knowledge of the "hot setup" in  bikes ended over 30 years ago, I was limited to helping him make it roadworthy (no greasemonkey like an old greasemonkey). In order to learn about bicycles he went to a Reddit bike forum, where he asked questions about how to turn this bike into a road warrior. All kinds of advice was given, most of it useful. But there was one unbelievable act of kindness by a person whom my son has never met. They were discussing what sort to of tires would be appropriate for the bike, when Brian said: "Pick out a pair tires, so long as they are less than fifty dollars each, I'll buy them for you." My son, a cynic like his old man said "Yeah, what's the catch?" Brian said: "You have to pay it forward. If you meet a person who needs help, figure out how you can help, and do so, no strings attached. as I said, pay it forward." Well, my son, being a little more trusting than I, said:  I'll bite, tell me what you want to me do. Brian said "Pick out tires, less than $50.00 each, and give me your address. And remember, pay it forward. Well a UPS package arrived today from Bike Tires Direct, Portland Oregon,  and inside were two Michelin City tires, and two Continental tubes worth $74.00, with shipping the bill was $86.00, and it was absolutely free. I was stunned!
• Conversation at a clam bar ... [Bill Lewellis] Last night, beyond trying to ignore a toothache, I drove from Longport NJ to a Somers Point Rite Aid for some OraGel. In Somers Point, even with this ache, I could not pass by Smitty's Clam Bar for some absolutely wonderful TopNecks on the half shell and clam chowder. My favorite comfort food. The best I've ever had. Seating is scarce at Smitty's during most of the evening, especially Sunday. If you're alone, you might get lucky at the outside bar if you don't mind rubbing elbows with strangers. I got lucky. After several elbow bumps, one has to get into superficial conversation. The great clams. The hot weather. One's favorite NJ shore vacation spot. I can usually move the conversation deeper by telling my elbowmate I'm an Episcopal priest and onetime RC priest. (My sons have told me that their best pickup line was to say that their father was once an RC priest.) My left elbowmate, John, began to tell the most odd RC priest story he knew. I held my first Topneck, politely, between thumb and finger about a foot from my mouth for at least three minutes. Then John introduced me to Mary, his wife whose eyes sparkled when she talked. Both seemed well into their 60s. As they were leaving, John told me almost as an afterthought that he and Mary were married for 25 years before separating for seven years. He came back to care for Mary when she had a liver transplant. No more. Goodbye. Nice talking with you. "You can't leave after telling me that," I wanted to say. Mary stood behind him, looking at me with eyes sparkling as though to say, "Yes, it's true."

• Speaking Christian: An interview with Marcus Borg on his new book ... [Patheos] 
David: "Sometimes words in the Bible are wrong." That's a dangerous thing for clergy to stand up and say in American churches, yet that's one of the main messages of your work. Marcus: I would love it if every clergyperson would stand up and say to their congregations: "Sometimes the Bible is wrong." There is a taken-for-grantedness in conservative American Christian culture—and it's true, I think, in much of mainline Christianity today as well—that understanding the Bible is simple. And, if the Bible says something is wrong, then that pretty much settles it. There are very few Christians who are willing to stand up and say, "Sometimes the Bible is wrong." Yet, I think that's really important for Christians to say occasionally. More here. [h/t Nicholas Knisely, at Episcopal Café]
• In that instance, I think St. Paul was wrong ... [Bill Lewellis] In the fall of 2003 I produced a video for diocesan and national distribution. It was Bishop Paul giving a talk on How do we read the Bible today. It was relevant for Episcopalians because, just a few months earlier, the General Convention of the Episcopal Church stepped into a kind of hornet’s nest by consenting to the Diocese of New Hampshire’s ordination of Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly gay and partnered bishop in the Episcopal Church. Emphasis on "openly." “Nobody on this planet simply follows the Bible,” Bishop Paul Marshall said on the video. “Everybody has a way of interpreting, of appropriating, of using what the Bible has to tell us … There has never been one way Christians read the Bible.” We advertised the live-on-tape presentation in Bethlehem as open to the public, suspecting that some visitors might come toting their weapon of choice, the Bible. And so it happened. During the question period, one person stood and read from St. Paul. The bishop let him finish, then said simply, “In that instance, I think Paul was wrong.” That short and surprising reply preempted a battle of bibles.
• The Rapture Profiteers ... [Business Week] Is the debt ceiling crisis resurrecting the apocalypse industry? Many Rapture enthusiasts believe that even if the world does not end on Aug. 2 or Oct. 21, then 2012 is definitely the year to end all years. And this is good news for Harold Camping’s own professional resurrection. A year off the Rapture circuit could do wonders. Failed prophets looking to reenter the market need only come up with some rationale why you swore what was the case was not the case. Then you just have to hold your head up high and keep walking, and hope that if you sold enough memorabilia that’ll ease the pain. Dr. William H. Sledge, a Yale University professor of psychiatry, says believers in the Rapture tend to be either psychotic or very “suggestible.” In other words, if the world continues after the fall, they may be willing to give Camping a sixth chance. And a seventh. More here.

• The Daily Office ... with the Mission St. Clare .
• With The Book of Common Prayer ... Here .
• For our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families. Check the newSpin blog for an update.

• The New 'Americanism'/A coarsening of attitudes toward the young, the old and the poor ... [Editorial, America Magazine] Worst of all has been a noticeable coarsening of attitudes among some Catholics toward those who have come to rely on government aid to sustain themselves in these difficult times. This emerging resentment forgets that the nation’s modest social services are directed primarily at supporting children, the elderly, the disabled and those hurt by the recent recession. It is not surprising that the most powerful currents of a cultural mainstream should influence the course of its tributaries. In 1997 then Archbishop Francis George remarked that U.S. citizens “are culturally Calvinist, even those who profess the Catholic faith.” Over time many U.S. Catholics have internalized some unacceptable American conceits, like the primacy of the individual and the free market and the inherent inefficiency of government. They have come to view with suspicion mediating structures, like unions and advocacy groups, that challenge America’s understanding of itself or its role in the world. Some Catholics make an idol out of ideology or a fierce faith out of nationalism, elevating personal responsibility while diminishing communal obligations. Their “Americanism” pretends that personal charity can adequately replace the need for social justice and distorts the meaning of subsidiarity into nearly unrecognizable form. More here.
• God is watching ... [Jim Wallis, Huffington Post] The markets are watching, the Republicans are watching, the Democrats are watching, the media are watching, the pollsters and pundits are watching. The public is watching and is disgusted with Washington, D.C. When it comes to the bitter and ultra-partisan battles over the budget, the deficit, and the fast-approaching deadline for America to avoid defaulting on its financial commitments, the whole nation and even the world is watching. But God is watching too. More here.
• RC Bishops reject House GOP budget approach
... [David Gibson, Commonweal] Leaders of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops today released a letter that has been sent to all members of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives in the name of the USCCB. The two-page letter clearly rejects the all-cuts-and-nothing-but-the-cuts approach of the House GOP, which is led by prominent Catholics like Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Paul Ryan. More here.

• The 14 Biggest Ideas of the Year ... [The Atlantic] A guide to the intellectual trends that, for better or worse, are shaping America right now. (Plus a bunch of other ideas, insights, hypotheses, and provocations.) Here.

• Episcopal evangelist, biblical scholar John Stott dies at 90
... [Episcopal News Service] Anglican evangelist, author and biblical scholar John Stott died July 27 in England. Stott, 90, retired from public ministry in 2007. New York Times columnist David Brooks once wrote (quoting Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center) that if evangelicals chose a pope, they would likely select John Stott. ENS story here. NYTimes obit here.
• Questions/Answers ... [John Stott] The answers we get depend on the questions we ask ... reading the bible in new contexts and new cultures should always challenge us to ask new questions and find new fresh answers from the bible.

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Roman Catholic
• Not authentic ... [York Daily Record/Sunday News] An independent Catholic chapel has opened in Lower Windsor Township (York County) under the leadership of a felon barred from public ministry by the Roman Catholic Church. The congregation is not recognized by the Catholic Church. Six years ago, the Diocese of Scranton placed Virgil Bradley Tetherow, known as Father Gabriel, on leave after allegations involving the downloading of child pornography onto a rectory computer. In 2005, police in Monroe County charged Tetherow with 10 counts of possessing child pornography and 10 counts of criminal use of a communication facility, according to court records. Tetherow later pleaded guilty to one charge of criminal use of a communication facility -- a felony. The District Attorney's Office dropped the other charges, and a judge sentenced Tetherow to two years' probation. Roman Catholic officials decided Tetherow must remove himself from public ministry as a priest pending a final disciplinary ruling by the Vatican. The Scranton diocese is still waiting for a decision on Tetherow's case from Rome. More here.
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