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A "Welcome card" can facilitate invitation to church

Most people who enter a faith community for the first time and stay do so because another lay person invited them. Beverly Bammel, a missioner at St. Francis, College Station, Texas, in the Diocese of Texas, says "This only makes sense. How often do we ask a friend their advice about a movie, a book, a doctor, or any countless number of things? We turn to someone who has first sampled the services or goods, someone with first-hand experience. Often we don’t even need to know this other person very well, and we’ll follow their advice."

She offers a practical tool any church can use to help members invite others to come and worship. Print up business cards with the name of your church, address, phone, web-address and worship times.  Read more about it at "Share the Bread", the blog of the Evangelism Commission of the Diocese of Bethlehem.

--posted by Andrew Gerns


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