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The newSpin newsletter, Feb. 17, 2011
By Bill Lewellis
Published Mondays and Thursdays

Must Reads
• Episcopalians and Moravians celebrate Full Communion ... The landmark Full Communion between the Episcopal Church and the Northern & Southern Provinces of The Moravian Church in America was celebrated February 10 at Central Moravian Church in Bethlehem. See this item at the newSpin blog for a comprehensive report: (1) What Full Communion means, (2) Quotes by Bishop Paul, Presiding Bishop Jefferts Schori, and Kat Lehman, (3) The ENS story, (4) ENS Gallery of Photos, (5) Photos taken by Kat, (6) Video of the service, (7) Moravians? Who are they?, (8) The final report of full communion, (9) The sermon by Milwaukee Bishop Steven Miller, and (10) A feature by Dave Howell of Trinity Bethlehem, written for The Living Church.
• R2O: Renewal Assembly, February 19, 9:00 to 1:00 ... Some 240 people representing 45 congregations have signed up. Don't know if you may still register. Give it a try. Story here about the Assembly and the video that has been made for the Assembly. The Assembly will be held in six locations: Christ Church Towanda, Trinity Carbondale,Trinity West Pittston, Trinity Pottsville, St. Anne’s Trexlertown and the Cathedral Church of the Nativity Bethlehem. Lunch will be provided. Registrants will be assigned to the most appropriate site.

Diocese of Bethlehem     
• Jubilate for Lent to Easter ... Hymnody for Ash Wednesday to last Sunday of Easter (March 9, 2011 to June 5, 2011), published by the Diocese of Bethlehem for our diocesan community and for free distribution to the world, may be downloaded below as an Acrobat or MSWord file. Jubilate is a service of our Liturgy and Music Commission, specifically Canon Cliff Carr who has been doing this for more than 30 years. Download Jubilate as a pdf or a word file here.
• A Women's Retreat ... hosted by the Cathedral at Villa of Our Lady Retreat House, Mt. Pocono, to which all women of the Diocese are welcome, will take place March 11-13. Still time to register. More here.
• Prayers of the People ... Epiphany 7A. Here.
• Calendar of Events ... Download the current calendar, updated Feb 2, here.

• Episcopal News Weekly bulletin inserts ... Bulletin inserts for  Feb. 20, Epiphany7: "Transforming Churches, Changing the World" video project. Feb. 27. Epiphany8: Good Friday Offering. Download inserts here.
• DioBeth Website and newSpin Blog

Spinning (in Bill's head, after too much browsing) 
• Webinar, Feb. 24, explores how to transform church communication  ... Bridging the Gap: Can a Theology of Communication and Journalism Transform Communications in the Churches? Here.
• Grief, Unedited ... [NYTimes, Op-Ed] In the past decade, social scientists with unprecedented access to large groups of widows and widowers have learned that, as individual an experience as grief may be, there are specific patterns to its intensity and duration that are arguably more helpful in guiding the bereaved in what to expect. They have found that most older people who lose spouses from natural causes recover much more quickly than we have come to expect. In fact, for many, acute grief tends to lift well within six months after the loss.... Loss is forever, but thankfully, acute grief is not. More here.

• iPhone app controversies muddy the sacramental waters ... [Religion Dispatches] The Confession app relies on a certain level of theological understanding, liturgical compliance, and spiritual will that we might be hard-pressed to find in even a relatively sophisticated believer. More here.
• Intact America ... [Religion Dispatches] Sensitivity alert. The San Francisco Campaign against circumcision has allied itself with “Intact America.” Its activists have dubbed themselves “intactavists.” A poster of an indignant-looking infant asks, “You want to cut off what?” More here.
• Computer wins on Jeopardy: Trivial, it's not ... [NYTimes] Here.
• In an Amish village ... Say it ain't so, Joe. [ Washington Post] The personal assets of Monroe L. Beachy, a 77-year-old Amish man, included a horse, buggy and harness. According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, his skills included financial fraud. Beachy spent a quarter-century raising $33 million from more than 2,600 investors, the overwhelming majority of them fellow members of the Amish community ... Beachy's investment approach allegedly had more in common with the timeless methods of Charles Ponzi and Bernard Madoff than with the sheltered village of Sugarcreek, Ohio, where he lived. When the SEC charged him with fraud on Tuesday, it said he had lost nearly half of his investors' money. More here.

• A collection of news/info about Sudan and the Diocese of Kajo-Keji
... Here.

The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion
• Episcopal Church Executive Council meets at Fort Worth ... Wednesday to Friday, Feb. 16-18. Confronting questions about how church must change. House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson used part of her opening comments to say that "our society is changing both demographically and economically, the size and resource base of our Church is changing and the world is changing through climate change, population change, technology and a host of other factors." The church, she said, must respond in ways that are "rooted in our core values as Episcopalians and that includes the gifts of all the people of God in our church." More here.
• Episcopal Peace Fellowship
... Feb. 16 newsletter. Here.

• Episcopal Church Website and News Service

The Moravian Church in North America
• Full Communion with Episcopal Church ... See above, under "Must Reads."
• Moravian Church in North America website   • Moravian Church Northern Province website  • Moravian Theological Seminary website 

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
• Daily Prayers ... [From the NEPA Lutheran Synod] Hear us, O God, in all our deep desires. Some we can put into words, most of them we can't, because we are strangers even to ourselves. In your mercy, answer us according to your will and wisdom, not according to ours. Amen.
• ELCA website ... Here• ELCA News Service ... Here.  • NEPA Synod website ... Here.  • Synod E-News ... Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter by email here.

The United Methodist Church
• A Theological Foundation for Full Communion between The Episcopal Church and The United Methodist Church ... Download the document here. [H/T Maria Tjeltveit]
• MyCom February newsletter ... Here.
• UMC website
... Here• UMC News Service ... Here.  UMC Communication ... The United Methodist Church has long been a leader in providing useful resources for church communicators. Start here.  Eastern PA Conference of the UMC website ... Here.  Bishop Peggy Johnson's blog ... Here.

The Roman Catholic Church
• Don't put deficits on the backs of the poor ... When 300 leaders in Catholic social ministry went to Capitol Hill Feb. 15, their basic message to Congress was simple and direct: It is just plain immoral to put the heaviest burden of U.S. deficit reduction on the backs of the poor. And they had fact sheets to show that is exactly what legislators are currently proposing. More here.
• Shame
... [NYTimes Editorial, Feb. 14] The Roman Catholic hierarchy in this country has promised accountability and justice for children sexually abused by priests. We fear it has a long way to go. A new inquiry has found that nearly a decade after the scandal engulfed the American church, children are still in peril and some leaders are still stonewalling investigations. A grand-jury report released Feb. 10 accused three priests and a teacher in the Philadelphia Archdiocese of raping two young boys in the 1990s. It also accused a senior church official of knowingly endangering thousands of children by shielding accused priests for years. More here. Also here.

• The Irish Affliction ... [NYTimes Magazine, Cover Story, Russell Shorto] Andrew Madden is one of a relatively new breed of Irish celebrities who would just as soon be less well known. He was among the first people in Ireland to go public about being sexually abused by Catholic clergy — one of those who set off the intense bout of soul-searching that has racked the country lately. More here.
• Vatican Information Service blog ... Here.  • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website ... Here.  • Diocese of Allentown website ... Here.  • Diocese of Scranton website ... Here.

• Let us now praise KJV ... “If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it’s good enough for Texas schoolchildren.” More here.

Additional sources of news/info/commentary
• Religion News Service Daily Roundup ... here.
• Diocese of Bethlehem

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