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Kutztown's Outstanding Citizen Event

[From Pat Brown, St. Barnabas Kutztown]

This past Saturday evening St. Barnabas Kutztown hosted an event that we hope to make an annual celebration. Our first Outstanding Citizen Celebration honored Dr. Arnold Newman, a long-time resident of Kutztown and member of St. Anne's, Trexlertown. Most of us in our tiny congregation have known Arnold and his wife Barbara for many years and felt that he exemplifies the characteristics of a truly caring citizen of our community and the world.

The event was a great success with over 100 people in attendance and I wanted to share news of it with you and others in our Diocese. I though perhaps it might be of interest to readers of New Spin.

Some of the members of St. Anne's congregation were there to help celebrate, including Rev. Michael F. Piovane who was one of our guest speakers offering remarks during the tribute in praise of Arnold and the way he has lived his life. I am including a link to Berks-Mont News, publisher of the Kutztown Patriot. They were present to cover the celebration and posted the story to their website as well as running it in this week's edition of the Patriot.

Thanks and God bless-
Pat Brown
St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Kutztown


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A familiar figure to all who live and work in Kutztown, Arnold can often be seen “walking” Main Street either heading towards or coming from Kutztown University An outstanding citizen will seek to bring understanding and tolerance to fractious groups in the community, seeking conciliation and a “meeting of the minds” as opposed to fanning the flames of discord. An outstanding citizen is part of the solution and not part of the problem.

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