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newSpin 110103

The newSpin newsletter, Jan. 3, 2011
By Bill Lewellis
Published Mondays and Thursdays

Diocese of Bethlehem     
• Training for Lay Worship Leaders is being offered Saturday, Jan. 15, from 9:00 until 2:00 at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in Wilkes Barre. Registration fee of $20 includes materials. Deadline for registration is Wednesday, Jan. 5. Training is required for licensing by the Bishop for leading public worship - such as services of Morning and Evening Prayer. Training will be led by Fr. Edward Erb, member of the Diocesan Commission on Liturgy and Music and the Commission on Ministry. To register, email EdwardKErb@aol.com with name of registrant, address, e-mail and/or phone and local parish.
• Bishop's Day/Night pilgrimage with youth ... With Bishop Paul, January 21-22, St. John the Divine NYC. 50 seats already filled. More here. Questions?  Contact Kim Rowles, Youth Missioner, at 610-751-3931 or at krowles@diobeth.org
• Temporary shelter for the homeless in Bethlehem churches ... A few years ago, Bethlehem area churches took on a mission, to provide temporary shelter for the homeless during the winter months. This year will be no exception. This system began again on December 15 and will continue until March 31. More here, including background on the origin of this ministry.
• The Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) will take place this year in Minneapolis, June 20-28. More info here.
• Becoming grateful, surprise upon surprise ... [Bill Lewellis, The Morning Call, New Year's Day 2011] When she was growing up in New England, a onetime colleague on the staff of Bethlehem Bishop Paul Marshall related that her doctor father would sit with her at bedtime until she remembered at least five things for which she was thankful. I suspect this grew easier when she discovered the hints in the Book of Common Prayer. More here.
• Van Cavett, 77, a man who was without guile ... Some of us will remember fondly Caroline and Van Cavett who were members of the Cathedral during the 1990s while Van worked as Comment Pages Editor for The Morning Call. Both were active in parish and diocesan ministries. Van died this past April. He was in his third year of EFM. More here, including Van's 1997 Morning Call farewell editorial.

• More Bethlehem ... See below, under Sudan/Kajo Keji: Bethlehem People, God has chosen you to come to Kajo Keji and Randall Fegley on Radio Times.

Sudan/Kajo Keji
• Bethlehem People, God has chosen you to come to Kajo Keji
... A story with photos by Charlie Barebo of the November mission trip he and Archdeacon Stringfellow made to Kajo Keji. Read it here.
• Randall Fegley on Radio Times tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 4) ... The producer of Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, a program on the Philadelphia NPR affiliate WHYY, contacted Randal Fegley to participate in a program about the upcoming Referendum in Sudan and what it means to the United States. It will air at 10 a.m. on the WHYY Web site where you can listen live and where the program should appear as a podcast afterwards. Randall teaches at Penn State Berks and is the coordinator for their Global Studies degree. He is also the president-elect of the Sudan Studies Association and has just published a book, 'Beyond Khartoum', a history of sub-national government in Sudan. He was a founding member of the current Diocesan World Mission Committee and was deeply involved in the formation of the companion relationship of the Diocese of Bethlehem with Kajo Keji.

• Peace hovers in Sudan, but most soldiers stay armed ... [NYTimes, Josh Kron] With little more than a week to go before a vote on independence for southern Sudan, virtually none of the soldiers have put down their weapons and fully rejoined civilian life. More here.
• Can Sudan split without falling apart? ... [Time Magazine]
Read it here.
• Peacerful vote on Sudan appears more likely ... [NYTimes, Jan. 2, Jeffrey Gettleman] Read it here.
• George Clooney 'antigenocide Paparazzi': Watching Sudan ... [Time Magazine] Read it here.

• 12 Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji ... [World Mission Committee] The first batch of gifts to Kajo Keji from the Diocese of Bethlehem for Christmas 2010 is being transferred. More here.
• An animated video detailing the situation in Sudan and the critical nature of the upcoming referendum is available here, from the Episcopal Church Office of Communication.
• More news/background/prayers regarding Sudan/Kajo Keji at the newSpin blog.
• Voices of Sudan ... [Odyssey Networks video] View is here.

R20 – Risk to Opportunities for Congregations
• Renewal Assembly, Feb. 19, 9:00 to 1:00 ... Registration is now available for the Renewal Assembly, “The Call to Prayer and Discernment.” The Assembly will be held in six locations: Christ Church Towanda, Trinity Carbondale,Trinity West Pittston, Trinity Pottsville, St. Anne’s Trexlertown and the Cathedral Church of the Nativity Bethlehem. Lunch will be provided. Registrants will be assigned to the most appropriate site. More here.

• Pray for our young men and women who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families. Names here.
• Barbara Crafton on the 12 Days of Christmas ... [Trinity Wall Street Video] View the brief interview here.

The Episcopal Church/Anglican Communion
• Episcopal News Weekly bulletin inserts ... Bulletin inserts for the Feast of the Epiphany (Jan. 9) may be downloaded here.

• Finding the optimal level of conflict ... [Alban Institute] Every congregation experiences conflict, even though each one does so in unique ways. The sources of conflict may vary from the micro to the macro--from intrapersonal pathologies to personality differences to globalization forces--but over time they are inescapable. Various studies have shown that organizational leaders and managers spend up to 25 percent of their time managing conflict. Experienced pastors know that during times of crisis, conflict management duties can become all-consuming. More here.

Beyond the Bounds
• Poverty puts Chester into a food desert ... [Philadelphia Inquirer, Alfred Lubrano] Eyeing a potato at Frederick Douglass Christian School in Chester one day in the fall, a first grader called it a "tomato." Another said he wasn't sure he'd ever seen one before. "How do you spell 'nasty?' " asked Ja'Niyah Van, 6, tasting a baked sweet potato for the first time. No one can blame the pupils for not recognizing or appreciating fresh food. There isn't a single supermarket in Chester. A person could travel end to end in the city of 30,000 people and find just two stores that sell potatoes or any other fresh foods. Read more. [H/T Bob House, Grace Allentown administrator, who says it's "a gut-wrenching story that needs to be told. I just wonder how many more Chesters we are creating in this country.]
• Southern Baptists cut North American Mission Board staff by a third ... [The Orlando Sentinel] A third of the Southern Baptist Convention’s North American Mission Board staff will be gone before the calendar turns the page to 2011.  Layoffs and retirement incentives will cut the staff by 99 people. Most of those leaving – 81 - took early retirement in advance of the NAMB’s decision to reduce its annual retirement annuity from 6 percent to between 3 and 4 percent, according to Florida Baptist Witness newspaper. The layoffs represent both a decline in contributions to the SBC and a shift in resources away from the NAMB.

• Giving Alzheimer's patients their way, even chocolate ... [NYTimes] Read it here. [H/T Deacon Larry Holman]
• Health Ministry in the Local Congregation is available free from National Episcopal Health Ministries. You may remember this booklet with the red cover that has been a valued resource for many over the years. It has been revised and updated and is available as an e-book. To download this free e-book, click here. or find it at the Resources section of the NEHM Web site. [H/T Diana Marshall]

• 'King's Speech' and the 'radical loneliness' of the stutterer ... Read it here.
• A no cynicism zone on Oprah's network ... [Alessandra Stanley, NYTimes] Oprah Winfrey said that she wanted to create a cable network without a trace of “mean-spirited” programming, and she has wrung every drop of it from the Oprah Winfrey Network. The unveiling of her 24-hour cable network, OWN, which began at noon on New Year's Day, was most striking for what it lacked: nowhere in that opening gush of feel-good highlight reels, self-improvement plans, spiritual quests, aha! moments, celebrity master classes, and people finding their truths and living their own best lives was there a snicker of malice or a hint of raillery. ... OWN aims to be a 24-hour non-news network that inspires, entertains and educates viewers – with the back of the hand tied behind its back. More here.

• 21 Tech Predictions for 2011 ... [The Daily Beast] If this year is any indication, 2011 will prove to be yet another year of intense technological innovations. Will the smartphone soon replace the wallet? Will we be professing our deepest secrets to robot shrinks? Will Steve Jobs rule the publishing world? More here.

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