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Seven-Day Prayer Vigil for Sudan in Montrose

12 Days of Christmas for Kajo Keji

UPDATED DEC. 27, 2010

The first batch of gifts to Kajo Keji from the Diocese of Bethlehem for Christmas 2010 is being transferred. These donations are from 88 families, parishes, Sunday School classrooms and Choirs. The total amount you received in this transfer is just a little under $9,000.

11 Solar Lanterns
5 Scholarships
50 Girls sports uniforms
10 sewing machines
8 classroom support  ($1,315: for use in your primary schools)
60 goats
115 fruit trees
43 hoes
2 Wooden Table/Chairs
90 meters of material for school uniforms
14 balls
11 bikes

There will be another transfer in January.


From Jo Trepagnier, 610-434-0155

The Diocese of Bethlehem supports (through $275 scholarships), 20 students in Kajo Keji: Ten high school students (eight girls and two boys), one seminarian, one orphan and one child in each primary school. Thank you notes (uncorrected for grammar and spelling) from the older students may be downloaded below.

Download Thank you notes 2009.pdf

For the third year, our parishes and families are asked to support Kajo Keji by purchasing Christmas gifts for their students and clergy. This year, many gifts return with an added emphasis on the girls and women (Girl's volleyball uniforms, sewing machines for each school, material for the Women's Tailoring Training Center). Our scholarships support 20 students and include this year extra funds for shoes and books. Goats and fruit trees will help schools and parishes earn extra income. Thank you for your support and please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

A scholarship is $250 and an extra $25 buys a uniform, shoes and some text books.  An ad for all the gifts appears also in December's Diocesan Life. If you haven't yet received the paper, you may download it here, and see page 3.



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