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My Father's House at St. Luke's Lebanon

My Father's House My Father's House, a refurbished apartment attached to the former rectory of St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 6th & Chestnut Streets, Lebanon, was recently dedicated for community service. For this project, St. Luke's partnered with two county agencies, Community Action Partnership (CAP) and the Coalition to End Lebanon County Homelessness. 

The apartment at the rear of 519 Chestnut Street, will be used for transitional housing for folks in need in Lebanon County. This pilot project for the county received grant money from the Diocese of Bethlehem through a New Hope Campaign in which funds were solicited for a companion diocese in New Sudan, Africa, as well as the Needy in Pennsylvania.

On hand for the blessing were representatives from each of the agencies and the Lebanon Ministerium,    In its history, St. Luke's Church has given the community the Good Samaritan Hospital and Lebanon's first library.

Father Terrence Wible, rector, led the dedication. This project was developed by the Outreach Committee of the church, Todd Snovel, Chairman. People in need of housing should contact the Community Action Partnership.


the rev. Hank Fairman and Jan Fairman

the Rev. Hank Fairman and jan fairman are smiling at the news (through the diocesan newspaper) that the apartment at the rear of 519 Chestnut will be used for transitional
housing for folks in need.
During our time at 519 Chestnut, our four children thought (and think still) ) that it was the most wonderful home in the world.
Congratulations to St. Luke's and participating folk for taking this step.
God is smiling.

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