From risk to opportunities: Part one of a three part series
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From risk to opportunities: Congregational renewal in the Diocese of Bethlehem

[Editor's note: this is the first of four parts. This post includes the full document which will be discussed at length during the 2010 diocesan convention. The following posts are the commentary articles that are published in Diocesan Life.]

I.  Introduction

    The purpose of this paper is to discern the standards, practices, and resources that will foster faithfulness of ministry in every congregation of the Diocese.  The object is that the Committee will become the catalyst and agent for a multi-year program to shepherd all congregations of the Diocese to renewal and transformation, and to move from risk to opportunities.
    We suggest that the mission and instrumentality of the Committee is to:

• Strengthen all parishes, especially those that have exhibited vitality;
• Inspire and provide resources to those congregations “at risk”; and
• Provide self-realization and eventuality to those congregations that have lost their sense of purpose or vitality.

II.  Background

    The mission of the Congregational Development Committee in the past has been to support dependent congregations through financial grants; to support congregations in long-range planning; and to foster the development of new congregations.  Over the past several months an ad hoc committee of interested persons in the Diocese has met concerning the role of congregational development in the Diocese.  A drafting team was tasked to develop a report.  It convened four mini-consultations with representative groups from across the Diocese to provide information, background and suggestions to a reconstituted Committee.  This report is the result.

Download the full report here: From Risks to Opportunities (Full Report)

Download the executive summary here: FROM RISK (Exec Summary)


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