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From the Lectionaries, by Archdeacon Stringfellow

Volunteer opportunities and prayer for the Gulf Coast

[Fom Cindy McCrory, Director of Communications, Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast]

Volunteers are being mobilized now and already pre-cleaning the beaches. More info here.

Our Episcopal Camp is located on Weeks Bay (Beckwith Camp and Conference Center) and efforts are being made to stop the oil from
entering the estuary: more info here.

In both of these articles there are links to volunteer organizations needing people.

There are several coastal organizations/foundations that have joined together for volunteer efforts and to report news: more info here.

I am also waiting information on an offer from British Petroleum for people to be paid to do pre and post beach cleanup.  As far as supplies, we are also waiting for specifics and I will post the info as we receive it.

Meanwhile, you might wish to share with your parishes the following prayer written by the Rev. Canon Beverly Gibson,  Sub-Dean of Christ
Church Cathedral, Mobile. The last part is from the Prayer for the Conservation of Natural Resources, BCP, p. 827. The Cathedral will be
using this prayer weekly throughout the oil spill crisis.

Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico
We pray today for the preservation of our natural environment, especially the Gulf of Mexico and the lands and waters it touches: Guide those who labor to contain the oil that endangers the creatures of sea and land; Strengthen those who work to protect them; Have mercy on those whose livelihoods will suffer; Forgive us for our carelessness in using the resources of nature, and give us wisdom and reverence so to manage them in the future, that no one may suffer from our abuse of them, and that generations yet to come may continue to praise you for your bounty; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Thank you so much.

Cindy McCrory
Director of Communications
Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast


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