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Rebuilt home in New Orleans

From: Calvin Adams <>
Date: April 7, 2010 3:54:54 PM EDT
To: Kimberly ROWLES <>, Kimberly ROWLES <>
Subject: Fwd: Davallier Home in New Orleans

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From: EDOLA Rebuild <>
Date: April 7, 2010 11:42:08 AM EDT
To: EDOLA Rebuild <>
Subject: Davallier Home in New Orleans

Hello All!

Greetings from New Orleans!  We are writing to inform you that the Davallier home in Gentilly has been finished.  We have had this house in the works since way back in 2008, and we first started gutting in March 2009.  Since then, we have put in hundreds of volunteer hours to restore this beautiful home for the Davallier family.  They will soon be packing up and moving in from Little Rock, Arkansas and arriving later this week, and they are incredibly excited to see the finished product.  Pictures of the home in various phases of the rebuild process are available here:

We are incredibly grateful to all of your for the help you have thus far provided, but we can still always use more help!  We are still trying to work out the logistics of getting their belongings back to New Orleans from Little Rock, which is a rather pricey prospect, and we could certainly use a little extra financial assistance to help us get them back.  Also, we are always in need of donations to help us fund the rebuilding process for our current homes.  If you would be willing to help us out with monetary or material donations, please e-mail Liz Carrier at  Remember, every little bit counts, and we graciously accept donations of all sizes.  

We sincerely and whole-heartedly thank all of the volunteer groups and individuals who volunteered their time, patience, energy, and knowledge to help make this incredible work possible, including:

Western Michigan University
St. Luke’s Atlanta
St. Peter by the Lake, Denver, NC
Chris Griffin and Ryan Lawlor
St. Michael’s, Milton, MA
Building the Beloved Community Seminarian Course
Slippery Rock University
St. John’s Lafayette Square
Diocese of Southwest Virginia
James Madison University Ultimate Frisbee Team
Sandy Sullivan
Diocese of Western Michigan
St. Mark’s Cathedral, Seattle, WA
St. John’s Hampton, VA
St. Paul's Delray Beach, FL
All Saints Chicago
James Durcin
Zanny Carlson
Diocese of Bethlehem
Our Savior Elmhurst, IL
St John’s, Tampa, FL
St John's, Lynchburg, VA
University of Oklahoma
Grinnell College students and alumni
Teach for America - Greater New Orleans
Kenny Gillis, Julie Sundermann, Jane O’Brien, Dane Niderost, Steph Cox, Spencer Green, Anne Valauri, Van Kenyon, Hannah Sagin, Alice Revenig, Laura Mason-Marshall
Finally, we wish to thank the crew chiefs who took charge of this project: Mary Bess Dubose and Ollie Casson-Gary.  Without their tireless efforts, we never would have been able to get the Davalliers back in their home, and we are all very grateful to them!

We thank you again for your generosity and hope to see each of you back down here in New Orleans in the very near future!


The Episcopal Community Services Rebuild Team

P.S.  If you were a group leader for your New Orleans trip, please forward this e-mail to any of your group members who may not have been on the recipient list!


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