Holocaust Remembrance in Stroudsburg
The Vestry Meeting, by Archdeacon Stringfellow

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May those you know see a hint of Alleluia in your smile ... [From Bishop Paul] As our great fifty days begin, may the Risen Lord be with you and yours. May the fullness of new life fill every corner of your experience, and may those you know see a hint of Alleluia in your smile! Blessings, +Paul

Rejoice now ... A Spanish version of the Exultet, sung at the Roman Catholic Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Newark NJ. Feliz Pacua! [H/T to Nick Knisely, posting at Episcopal Cafe]

Christ's Own For Ever ... [A reflection on the Easter Vigil, Conversion and Brideshead Revisited, by Archdeacon Stringfellow] Over the years, I have so accepted St. Paul’s identification of each of us with Christ’s death and resurrection that I have often thought that at our births and certainly at our Baptisms something of Christ’s dead body lies buried in each of us. And when it is raised in us, when we experience something like the Easter moment, we are raised with it to newness and abundance of life. It is the moment, in the words of the Celebrant’s opening address to the people at the Easter Vigil, that “we share in” the Lord’s “victory over death” (Prayer Book, page 285). Another word for this moment, for this transition, is conversion. More here.

Echoes of the resurrection on the farm ... Over at Roger Ebert's blog, you can read the simple account of an animal lover, Tom Dark, and his dying horse Clay. Having done all the things that Episcopalians tend to do from the middle of Holy Week through to Sunday, we bet you'll find redemption and delight in it. [H/T to Torey Lightcap, posting at Episcopal Cafe.]

Rowan Williams' unnecessary apology ... The ABC has apologized for saying in passing something that is incontestably true: the Catholic Church in Ireland, which has knowingly sheltered child rapists for decades, has lost all credibility. The Guardian is right in saying that Williams had no reason to apologize, but the bizarre overreaction by both the Irish Church and the Anglican Primate of Ireland shows how deeply entrenched the clerical attitude of privilege is in Ireland. [H/T to Jim Naughton, posting at Episcopal Cafe.]

I know now what "a good death" means ... [By Margaret Treadwell] "Every night I pray that God will take me, but I wake up the next morning and he didn't!" My mother said this often during the months before her death on Oct. 28. On her good days, she was looking forward to her 100th birthday on April 17 [Read it here. H/T to Jim Naughton]

Holocaust Remembrance in Stroudsburg ... The documentary described here, according to Bob Barker of Christ Church Stroudsburg, features Tom Breslauer, a much loved (now deceased) member of the Stroudsburg business community who spent time as a boy in a Nazi prison camp.

Diocesan Training for Ministry ... Saturday, April 24, Wilkes-Barre. Find schecule, workshop descriptions and online registration here

Foot washing on the green ... About 100 people came to an ecumenical worship service on the green in New Haven, Connecticut, where people's feet were ceremonially washed and free foot care was offered by a local podiatrist and student nurses. More than thirty pairs of shoes were distributed. More received vouchers, socks and foot-care kits. Bishop-elect of Connecticut Ian Douglas preached. [More here, thanks to Andrew Gerns posting at Episcopal Cafe.]

That job's already taken ... [By Episcopal chaplain Marshall Scott]
In my first experience in hospital chaplaincy, back when I was still in seminary, I preached a sermon in the hospital chapel. I was young and stupid, and it showed in the sermon. The sermon was tense and anxious, and for at least one viewer in the hospital, it was offensive. As I processed this fact and this sermon with my Supervisor, I began to realize just how anxious I was. I began talking about all the things on my mind, all my concerns, all the things I thought I was responsible for. In the midst of this, my Supervisor said something that stopped me cold, and brought me to tears. “You seem to feel that you have to be responsible for all the cares of the world. You can’t. That job’s already taken.” [More here. H/T to Andrew Gerns]

Entering into the reality of Easter ...[A reflection on the Easter Season, by Bishop Paul] Mary's grief and wrong assumptions were not answered by an argument, but by a relationship, by that voice that knew her. You can't argue about whether or not Easter is true any more than you can argue about whether or not you can swim – you have to get into the water. Except for the extraordinarily small number of people who have overwhelming mystical experiences, the only way most of us find out if the risen Christ is not only alive but present and available is to try to live with him every day for fifty days, to participate in his life through prayer, acts of love, and participation in the life of his body the Church. Watch and listen for signs of a new reality; practice assuming that death does not rule. And listen for Jesus’ voice. At the Easter celebration we debate nothing – we do invite people into community as we go to meet him." [Bishop Paul's column from the April issue of Diocesan Life. Read more here.]

Dive In: A Day Exploring Baptism ... Saturday, May 8. St. Luke's Scranton. What does it mean to be baptized and to live a baptized life? How can you nurture your life in Christ? How can your congregation live more deeply into baptismal ministry? This day of Christian Formation will offer resources for parents, Christian educators, clergy, and anyone seeking a deeper life in Christ. More info here.

Diocesan Life, April ... Download it here.

AARP TaxAide ... [From Marty Cottrell] This free service is for taxpayers of all ages filing individual PA income, Federal income, local earned income taxes and PA Property Tax and Rent Rebate applications.  While we can do self-employed taxpayers who only file a schedule C-EZ, we do not do business returns, taxpayers with rental properties and several other complex tax categories. Find an AARP TaxAide site near you by calling  1-888-AARPNOW (1-888-227-7669) or visiting the AARP web page.

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