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Worship in the House of Peeps

Peep-thedral 2010-01

Bethlehem is not only the House of Bread, we are the Home of Peeps, so I thought this was worth a look.

Since April, 2007, the Washington Post has run a Peeps Diorama Contest which has, to use their words, "stunned the hearts and minds of our newsroom -- and our nation." They are now receiving entries for their fourth outing, and one of the entries is a rendering of life in the ""National Peep-thedral, or as we might say around here "worship in the House of Peeps." (Click on the pictures to get a better view.)

The diorama includes a procession, choir, details such as certain famous gargoyle, and even a peep-docent leading a peep-tour.

From the Facebook page "Washington National Peep-thedral":

"Easter at the National Peep-Thedral: A House of Prayer for All Peeps" was designed by Andrew Martin, architect and master mason; Christine McCann, master couturiere; and Julie Avetta, music director.

"The Cathedral was built using foam board, dowels, dollhouse/modeling supplies and photographs of the actual Washington National Cathedral. The pipes on the pipe organ are made of drinking straws. The Darth Vader gargoyle is made from the head of a Pez dispenser. The other gargoyles are made from pencil erasers. The Creation Rose Window and the Space Window, which can be seen in the actual National Cathedral, are suncatchers purchased from the cathedral's gift shop.

Peep-thedral 2010-03"All of the Peeps' costumes are handmade. The Choir of Men and Peeps from St. Alpeep's School wear robes made of raw silk and purple felt. The vestments of the peep-clergy are made of raw silk, red Thai silk, felt and upholstery remnants. The tourists wear what tourists always wear: Obama T-shirts, FBI visors, sunglasses, hats and fanny packs.

"The processional features Bishop John Peepson Chane, head verger Claude "Duke" DuPeep, the blind dean Colin Peepoway (from "The Lost Symbol"), a crucifer peep and two lay peeps."

 Peep-thedral 2010-02   Peep-thedral 2010-04

The rules for the contest may be found here. Here is the slide show of Peeps Show III (2009). Here is the link to the Facebook page.

--posted by Andrew Gerns



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