Sudan Bishop's visit to the Diocese of Bethlehem
Diocesan Life April 2010

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Winnie Romeril in Haiti... The image of a picture I did not take stays with me. It’s of a sign embedded in my mind since childhood. I’ve caught sight of it all over the world, and it always makes me smile. That red, white and blue shield with the familiar words, The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. I saw a fragment of it on a shattered wall in Leogane, Haiti. Most of the sign was gone, but it was still recognizable to me. I smiled out of habit; I could have cried. [Download Haiti for the Long Haul by Winnie Romeril, daughter of Bob and Canon Gwendolyn-Jane Romeril, who says "two weeks in Puerto Rico" with a Diocese of Bethlehem youth group some years ago, "changed my life."]

Facts about the Diocese of Haiti and the aftermath of the earthquake. Read here. Check the Haiti page of The Episcopal Church for news, updates, resources, videos and important information, as well as the Episcopal Relief and Development website.

Bishop Anthony's visit to the Diocese of Bethlehem ... [From Bishop Paul, posted last Monday afternoon, March 8, on Bakery] I hope you saw the press coverage of the bishop's Reading and Wilkes-Barre visits. (Background story here.) He was able to visit New Bethany and the Trinity soup kitchen, as well as two clergy Bible studies. The week also gave him opportunity to hear directly from our General Convention deputation and attend the regular meeting of the diocesan staff. Wednesday night was a special evening with the World Mission Committee. Friday night offered time with young people, and on Saturday morning Sophie and Lucy Kitch-Peck gave him the insider's tour of Bethlehem on foot. He also had personal contact with a number of our clergy and lay people as the week progressed. [ Here's a story and photos on his visit to Trinity Easton.]

All in all, he has a much deeper picture of our life than his very brief previous visit to our convention afforded. After a very pleasant trip to Sayre and back over the weekend, we concluded last night with dinner at the Barebo's. Today was packing, lunch, and a drive to Newark. Bishop Anthony and I have come to know each other very much better after our week in the car together (Andrew, I miss you). The last few days gave us opportunity to discuss core issues of mission and the tasks of episcopate. Ever a busy man, Bishop Anthony will return not to Kajo-Keji, but to Juba, the capitol of the south, where he will preach at a bishops' retreat and then on to a mission meeting on his way to Nairobi. It was a great pleasure to have him with us, and I am grateful for all who cooperated in making the trip a success.

The April edition of Diocesan Life will provide rich photo coverage. Download pages 4-5 of that issue here.

St. Patrick's Breastplate ...Here.

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Bethlehem churches' efforts to shelter homeless during winter months commendable ... Express-Times editorial. Read earlier Express-Times story here. View a video of an interview with a Robert Syfor, a homeless man, and the Rev. Canon Joel Atkinson.

Canon Maria Tjeltveit named to City of Allentown Ethics Commission. More here.

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Where women do most of the hard work ... By Nicholas Kristof. Read and view it here. [H/T to Bishop Paul]

Tutu op-ed calls for full human rights for African LGBT people ... Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in the Washington Post, writes forcefully: "Hate has no place in the house of God". He takes politicians in Africa to task for fomenting hatred and fear of gay and lesbian people as a tool to gain more power for themselves. More here. Also, Ten Questions for Desmond Tutu in Time Magazine.

Andrew Sullivan tackles the arguments of anti-gay Christians in this seven-part video excerpted from a lecture at Princeton University.

The Interim Period ... From the Alban Institute.

Outraged by Glenn Beck's Salvo, Christians Fire Back ... [By Laurie Goodstein - New York Times]
In attacking churches that espouse social justice, Mr. Beck is taking on most mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, black and Hispanic congregations in the country -- not to mention plenty of evangelical churches and even his own... More here and here.

Child abuse scandal in Germany edges close to Pope ... A senior church official acknowledged a German archdiocese made “serious mistakes” in reassigning an abusive priest during the pope’s tenure as its archbishop in the 1980s. Read more at NYTimes.

RC Church child abuse claims sweep across Europe ... More here

Will Ralph Reed's new venture we religious right to tea partiers? With his new Faith and Freedom Coalition, Ralph Reed hopes to simultaneously bury his past and to make the connection he's been yearning for: to "address a wider range agenda, social issues plus economic issues." Will that connection and mutual cries of socialism be enough to wed the two most energetic right-wing movements? More here.

Tricks to keep your device's battery going and going ... If you’re a recent convert to smartphones, you’re probably still discovering all the amazing things that your new BlackBerry, Android phone or iPhone can do. But one thing you most likely found out right away: the more you do, the shorter your phone’s battery lasts.Tricks here.

Labels ... Lost in the Shorthand ... [By the NYTimes Public Editor] More here.

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