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Outward Bound offering free trips for OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM and OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM veterans

posted by Kat Lehman

H/T to the Delaware National Guard Family Readiness Coordinator, Richard Elliott, for bringing this to my attention.

If you have recent vets of OPERATION IRAQI FREEDOM (OIF) or OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM (OEF) in your congregations, you might want to make them aware of this opportunity.


Seeking veterans nationwide for all expenses paid expeditions

To Enroll:       Please call 1-866-669-2362 ext 8387 (VETS)

Outward Bound, a 45-year old non-profit outdoor, adventure-education organization, is looking for OEF and OIF Veterans, interested in participating in fully- funded reintegration wilderness expeditions. Adventures are physically, mentally and emotionally stimulating and work to build the self-confidence, trust, and communication skills necessary to successfully return to their families and communities following war time service. Goals of the program are to provide a positive outdoor experience for military veterans that will enable them to experience the healing benefits of the natural world and benefit from quality environmental education.

Who: Available to all OEF or OIF Veterans who were deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, pending medical screening

What: A 5-7 day Wilderness Expedition: may include backpacking, rock climbing, canoeing, dogsledding, sailing, sea kayaking and white water rafting

When: Dates available year-round

Where: Wilderness locations include: California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, New Jersey,  Pennsylvania, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Alabama, and Florida

How: What sets Outward Bound apart is that the goal is personal growth. The wilderness and the skills learned to deal with it are simply a vehicle for growth.

Cost: All expenses paid! Veterans will not be responsible for cost of expedition including round-trip stateside transportation to course site. Funding provided by the Military Family Outdoor Initiative Project, a joint project of the Sierra Club and The Sierra Club Foundation.


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