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Lay Worship Leaders Training, January 23

Are you in a community who gathers for daily Morning or Evening prayer? Is your parish small and with part-time clergy and Morning Prayer is sometimes needed? In inclement weather in NEPA –– snow and ice -– does your parish need an emergency plan for Sunday morning?
The Diocese of Bethlehem offers training for Lay Worship Leaders (formerly called Lay Readers) to help fill these needs.
Training will take place at Trinity Mount Pocono, Saturday, January 23 (9:00 ro 3:30). It will cover scriptural, theological and practical aspects of leading non-sacramental worship in the Episcopal Church.
Led by The Rev. Edward K. Erb, member of the diocesan commissions on Ministry and of Liturgy and Music, and rector of Grace Honesdale.
Cost of the day's training is $20, including lunch and materials. The training prepares one for the licensing by Bishop Paul for leading non-sacramental, public worship. Download pdf of registration form below.

For information, or to register, contact Father Erb at edwardkerb@aol.com or call the Diocesan office.

Download 2010.LEV Training Registration Form.pdf


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