Desks and chairs for Kajo Keji kids
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Kajo Keji fundraiser at Mediator Sunday School

[From Mediator Allentown rector Maria Tjeltveit to the families of Sunday School Children]

I wanted to give you a final snapshot of the November Soccer Fundraiser results. As I mentioned last week, through your generosity and with the help of the parish we were able to double our intended target of $252 to a final sum of $505.56. The money is paying for the following items for the Loopo Primary School:  22 soccer uniforms (whole team), 1 wooden table (they don’t use desks and several students sit at a table), 2 wooden chairs, 6 jump ropes, 6 yards of fabric (used to make school uniforms), 1 soccer ball and 2 net balls. That is an amazing accomplishment for one church Sunday School and I hope you will find a way to convey to your child how much this effort will mean to the students of the Loopo school. My hope is that this spirit of doing for others will last a lifetime for them.  A very sincere thank you to all of you. If you missed the opportunity to give to our fundraiser and would still like to participate, the 12 Days of Christmas diocesan effort will continue until 12/15.

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