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Getting ready for Christmas visitors

The Evangelism Commission has a new post on their blog "Share the Bread," Getting Ready for Christmas Visitors.

Here's an excerpt:

Most congregations will have to dust off the back—or the front!—pews on Christmas Eve. Churches find that a lot of people show up for what is both a major feast of the church and a major cultural holiday. The Christmas story reminds us that God is revealed to strangers and welcomes the outsider. How we prepare for Christmas at the doors of the church is every bit as important as what we prepare in the chancel....

...Don’t forget to prepare for visitors as carefully as we prepare our music, our flowers and greens and our liturgies. We may think that these special liturgies are for “us” and so end up treating visitors as outside observers or, worse, as interlopers. If there is ever a time when our liturgy is both a celebration of the community faith and a spiritual ministry to the community, Christmas Eve is it!

Here are some more or less random suggestions for extending hospitality to everyone on Christmas Eve. These are lessons that can be applied any time.

Read the rest for some tips on how to get ready for Christmas visitors.

This is the complete link: http://sharethebread.blogspot.com/2009/12/getting-ready-for-christmas-visitors.html


The Rev. Canon Andrew Gerns
Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, Easton, PA
Chair, Diocesan Evangelism Commission



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