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Bishop's School, Spring 2010

Courses for the spring session of Bishop's School, at St. Peter's Hazleton: (1) Planning and Leading Liturgy - taught by The Reverend Raymond Harbort, 9:00 to 11:30; (2) Pastoral Care - taught by The Reverend Canon Andrew Gerns, 12:30 to 3:00.

January 16 & 30; February 13 & 27; March 6 & 20; April 10 & 17; May 1 & 8 (15th is a snow day, if needed)

Because the focus of Bishop's School is to prepare vocation deacons and locally licensed priests, the curriculum is designed to meet the canonical requirements for those ministries. The classes rotate so
that someone may enter at the beginning of any semester and continue through the four year program.

People in the ordination process may only miss one session and still receive credit for the course.

Although the focus is on preparation for ordination, anyone is welcome to register and attend all or any
of the courses. The fee is $75 for each class and is payable with registration.

To register please email (or mail the information to Canon Jane Teter at Diocesan House, 333 Wyandotte St., Bethlehem, PA 18015) with the following information:  Your name, address, phone number(s), and email address. We need to be able to reach you in case of inclement weather or other schedule changes. Checks should be payable to:  The Diocese of Bethlehem, marked for Bishop's School. If you have questions, please contact Canon Teter.

Books needed for the "Planning and Leading Liturgy" class are: (1) Celebrating the Eucharist by Patrick Malloy, available from Church Publishing or (both new and used); (2) Book of Common Prayer; (3) 1982 Hymnal.

Books needed for the "Pastoral Care" class are: (1) Charles V. Gerkin:  An Introduction to Pastoral Care (1997, Abingdon Press)  Available at; (2) Genevieve Glen, Marilyn Kofler, Kevin O'Connor:  Handbook of Ministries of Care, 2nd edition.  Liturgical Training Press, 1997. Available at; (3) Book of Common Prayer, 1979; (4) Ministry with the Sick, available at Church Publishing (current edition); (5) Enriching Our Worship 2: Ministry with the Sick or Dying, Burial of a Child,  available at Church Publishing.

The Rev. Canon Jane B Teter
Canon for Ministries and Deployment Officer
Diocese of Bethlehem
333 Wyandotte St.
Bethlehem, PA  18015
610-691-5655 ext 228


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