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November 17, 2009


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Pat VanderVeen

Thank you Bishop Paul for doing what I believe is correct for our diocese. I once heard you say 'Whoever you are, you are welcome here, and we mean that'. Jesus would have meant it also, I believe, as One Who is inclusive with His Love. God's Love is not bound by race, creed, gender, or anything else. I am proud to be a member of the Episcopal Church of the United States, and the Diocese of Bethlehem, for extending that Love to all.

Pat Smith

So is Blaise going to become a Christian again?

Blaise Gartland

Bishop Marshall, you are truly a man of spiritual discernment and quality. I am a gay man in a committed relationship, a registered civil union in the state of Washington. I abandoned Christianity many years ago because I just cannot believe that Christ could hate me and deprive me of human respect and equality the way Christianity seems intent on doing. I thank you, as a former Episcopalian, to know that love exists somewhere in this faith. For myself and my partner, we simply believe that God will receive us in eternal life and bless us there.

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