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Diocesan Youth Scholarships

[From Kimberly Rowles, diocesan youth missioner] In the current economic situation, the youth of the diocese are depending more on scholarship funds to attend events than in the past. Our scholarship funds has been depleted.

In an effort to raise funds to ensure that no one is turned away from youth events, the Youth Council has decided to try some fundraising, just in time for the Christmas shopping season. With the blessing of Archdeacon Stringfellow and Bishop Paul we are starting our first Pampered Chef Fundraiser this week.  The sale will run until Thanksgiving Day and all items purchased will be delivered in plenty of time for Christmas.

Download 2009.Scholarship Insert Fundraiser

Individuals can buy directly from any youth council member –– there are members at Christ Church Stroudsburg, Trinity Mt Pocono, St Gabriel's Douglassville, St Brigid's Nazareth and Cathedral Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.
Or you buy directly from the Pampered Chef Website. There's a link to shop online in the lower left hand corner. When you enter to shop be sure to choose the Diocese of Bethlehem as your organization/host. Pampered Chef is going to give our Scholarship Fund 10-15% of the fundsraised depending on the total of our sale. This is a great opportunity to support youth ministry, even if there are no youth in your individual congregation.
If you prefer to make a donation without purchasing anything, we are accepting direct tax-deductible donations towards the scholarship fund in any amount from members and friends of the Diocese of Bethlehem. If you would like to donate to the scholarship fund directly, please submit your check made out to the Diocese of Bethlehem with "Youth Scholarship" on the memo line to Diocese of Bethlehem Attn Rosie Hummel, 333 Wyandote Ave Bethlehem PA 18051 ... or Donate Online (right column of the DioBeth website).


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