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Peace Commission and Adult Forums

Posted by Kat Lehman

[From Fran Hlavacek]


The Diocesan Peace Commission offers a one hour, interactive forum on peacemaking.  Invite us to your parish!  We will provide an introduction to our program, Creating a Culture of Peace: Training for Personal and Social Change (CCP).

CCP responds to General Convention resolutions to develop a culture of peace and nonviolence and to make nonviolence training and peace education available throughout the Episcopal Church.

CCP trained facilitators present an engaging, eye-opening program for your adult forums, teen groups, coffee hour, etc. CCP applies to many issues of conflict and controversy, personal and social.

Give your church members a taste of what it's like to make changes for peace.

For more information to schedule a CCP forum or for information on the Peace Commission, please contact Addison Bross at acb2@lehigh.edu ( 610-691-2684) or Janet Chisholm at jgchisholm@aol.com (845-641-3648)



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