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State agents search pharmacy in Pittston ... Business run by former Episcopal Church priest

Inhibition of Gregory Malia

August 13
From Bishop Paul Marshall to the Bethlehem Diocese Clergy

Dear Colleagues,

It has been complained by the Standing Committee, in a letter received
this week, that The Rev. Gregory Malia has by certain publicly known
 actions and failures to act, abandoned the Discipline and Worship of
 this Church.

I have affirmed their finding and according to canon, issued today a
 new inhibition that gives him six months to make matters completely
right (Title IV Canon 10 outlines the possibilities). If at the end of six
 months matters remain as they are now, formal deposition will take 

Part of the inhibition forbids his using ecclesiastical titles or 
holding himself out as a priest; I wish to be made aware of any 
violations that may occur. Thank you for your cooperation.




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