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GC2009: Reflection by Jane Teter

Servants, well done
By Jane Teter

Although I have been to General Convention ten times, I always arrive with a new sense of excitement and anticipation. Anaheim is beautiful in July. We had lovely sunny days that were hot but not uncomfortable. The folks who cared for us in the hotels and convention center were cordial and helpful.

As we settled into our hotel it didn’t take long before it seemed like déjà vu. We walked over to the Convention Center to get acclimated and to register and pick up our notebook. This huge binder had several resolutions in it and we would add many more as the days went by (at the end of Convention it would weigh 20 lbs.). We found the space where the House of Deputies would be meeting as well as the space for the House of Bishops and Triennial and the Exhibit Hall. I also found the room where my committee (Dispatch of Business) would hold its meetings. I was soon reminded of long lines at Starbucks and long crowds waiting for elevators!

The next day began the routine of General Convention. On most days committees met at 7 or 7:30 a.m., then there was a legislative session followed by Eucharist. A quick lunch, then back to a legislative session. Evenings had many hearings regarding upcoming legislation and there were several special events as well. The days were long and well filled.

There was a good feeling during the Convention (better than some times in the past).

There was little, if any, conflict. People could disagree and still be civil and the atmosphere was hopeful. I think we did good work and a lot was accomplished. There were disappointments – many cuts in the budget were unfortunate, but necessary. I think we can all rally together and find alternative ways to do some of the ministries that were eliminated if we feel they are really important.

I was particularly pleased that the resolution regarding full communion with the Moravians easily passed. Now we will wait for the Moravians to pass a like resolution next summer.

Much work was completed and we adjourned in the late afternoon, entrusting our work to the Executive Council for the next three years. Twelve nights in a hotel room is a long time and we were all looking forward to getting home in our own beds! I think as folks headed for the airports there was a whisper from above – sounded like “servants, well done.”

[The Rev. Canon Jane B. Teter, [email protected], Canon for Ministries for the Diocese of Bethlehem, has been an elected deputy to General Convention ten times.]


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