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To register for Diocesan Convention, Oct. 9-10

[From Archdeacon Stringfellow]
25 June 2009

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

This note is written to give you a simple and overall picture of registering for the Diocesan Convention to be held October 9-10 at St. Stephen's Pro-Cathedral in Wilkes-Barre.

Lay Delegates need to see that three steps are accomplished:

1.  Each Lay Delegate has to make sure that the parish you represent has filed a Certificate of Election with the Secretary of the Diocese.  The date due for Certificates is July 15.  (Canon George Loeffler is the Secretary, and he has mailed a Certificate to each parish. A soft copy of the Certificate lives on my hard drive, and I am happy to send it if you need it. This step is unnecessary for Lay Visitors to Convention who may simply register by accomplishing 2 and 3 below.)

2.  Each Lay Delegate either individually or as part of your parish's delegation needs to Register for Convention.  This process now is exclusively accomplished online at the Diocesan website.  The website will be programmed to receive registrations beginning July 20.  The deadline to complete registrations is in late September.  It is here that you specify your entrĂ©e for the banquet.

3.  Each Delegate either individually or as part of your parish's delegation needs to reserve a room at a hotel in Wilkes-Barre if you need overnight accommodations.  Next week I shall send to the parishes and the clergy the names of the hotels, their locations, the rates they charge, their telephone numbers, and the deadline by which a reservation must be made to be included in our group's rate.  These deadlines differ from hotel to hotel.

The Clergy Delegates to Convention have to accomplish numbers 2 and 3 of these steps.  In virtue of being canonically resident or licensed to officiate clergy are expected to attend and to be part of Convention.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them.

Best regards,
Howard Stringfellow


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