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Charlie Barebo joins Bishop Paul's staff

Charlie Barebo has joined Bishop Paul Marshall's staff as Development Officer.
"Charlie is doing this as a gift to the diocese, as part of his discipleship, for which I am most grateful," Bishop Paul said earlier, announcing the appointment. "Charlie is the backbone of our New Hope Campaign and has much to bring us. Please join me in gratitude to God for this unique appointment to the staff." Bishop Paul received the gift after reviewing a five-year plan presented by Barebo.

In 2003, Bishop Paul asked Mr. Barebo to help spearhead a capital campaign to develop a camp and conference center for the Diocese of Bethlehem. "A funny thing happened on the way," Charlie said. "I woke up one morning in the Sudan. It was no less than a life-changing event that has deepened my faith and forever altered my outlook on this world and the next." The camp and conference center campaign for the Diocese gave way to the New Hope Capital Campaign for the people of the Diocese of Kajo Keji in southern Sudan and the needy of northeastern Pennsylvania.

To promote New Hope Campaign gifts, Barebo has visited some 30 parishes around our 14-county Diocese.

"The Development Officer for the Diocese of Bethlehem must develop a long term plan.," Barebo wrote in the introduction to the five-year plan he presented to Bishop Paul. "We are in the middle of a huge project, New Hope, which has proven transformational for individuals, parishes and the Diocese. As a Diocese we are poised to lever this transformation to usher forth a new day in terms of spirituality and the power created by strong financial development. This opportunity begs for a well thought out strategy, complete with goals, measures, and follow up mechanisms."

A resident of Emmaus and member of the Cathedral Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Barebo is a cradle Episcopalian. He has been married for 17 years and has two children, 10 and 12. Raised in Provo, Utah he attended Brigham Young University on a music scholarship and graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Finance. His master degree comes from Wharton’s Advanced Management Program. As CEO of Otterbine Barebo, Inc., he is a global traveler.

He is serving his fourth term as a Trustee of the Diocese of Bethlehem and his first term on the Diocesan Council. He has served as the chair of the St. Matthew’s Society since 2002 and the New Hope Campaign chair since its inception. He has been elected a lay deputy to this summer’s General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

He has taught two Junior Achievement programs a year since 1999 at inner city schools in Allentown and has coached eleven Little League, Babe Ruth, and tournament baseball teams in the past eight years. He looks forward to a Red Sox-Phillies World Series with the championship trophy remaining in Pennsylvania.


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