Accident? Bishop Paul's Easter Message
Montrose celebrates Charles Cesaretti and welcomes Janet Watrous

Diocesan Life.May

Download the May issue of Diocesan Life below: Imagine yourself in the Episcopal Church, the TV ad campaign of the Episcopal Church of Northeast PA (Bill Lewellis, Page 1), Accident? (Bishop Paul, Page 2), My position on the Northern Michigan Episcopate (Bishop Paul, Page 2), Choosing to go unheard (Canon Andrew Gerns, Page 3), Work continues in Kajo Keji (Charlie Barebo, Page 4), Northern Tier parishes feed 700 at Easter (Charles Cesaretti, Page 5), Your Faith, Your Life: An Invitation to the Episcopal Church (New book, Jenifer Gamber with Bill Lewellis, Page 5), Why Christ matters (Anne Kitch, Page 6), EfM: Food for thought  (Page 6), Calendar/Prayer Cycle Page 7), National ECW awards $4,900 to Kajo Keji Training Center (Page 7), TrinityBeth makes silly, furry, funky, soft caps for cancer patients (Page 8).

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